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Picture: Pedini Kitchen NJ with two sinks and dairy/meat sections.

Source: Modern Kitchen NJ

A kosher home is an important element in the foundation of Jewish life. Jewish dietary laws, a kosher kitchen is designed to separate items used for preparation and serving of meat and dairy meals. Ideally, cookware, utensils, bowls, and dishes would be stored in separate drawers and cabinets. In order to receive the best design, look for help and advice from a Kitchen Designer who specializes in kosher kitchens.   If space and money were not an issue, you might look at a symmetrically designed kitchen with two separate but equal halves for storage and preparation. Because space and money usually are a concern, you will want to create the most functional space that provides the elements to follow your personal level of dietary observance. Organization and storage follow personal preference. You may prefer to locate your dairy items (as a group) separately from your meat items or mix and match by work centers, i.e. meat utensils on one side of the cook top and dairy on the other. The mix and match option usually provides a more efficient use of your time–which is also very desirable.

Depending upon your level of observance, you may wish to have two separate sinks, two disposals, two dishwashers, and two ovens. Stainless steel can be koshered (to make kosher) to allow for separate use of dairy and meat items. Therefore, you could use a single stainless steel sink and dishwasher. However, since this option would require the item to be koshered in between crossover usage you might want to consider your time and effort vs. the cost and space requirements of the second item. 

The biggest challenge in designing a kosher kitchen is to create a kitchen that doesn’t look like a complete appliance lineup. You can do anything aesthetically that you like. But to uphold Orthodox Jewish traditions you need separate preparation, cooking, and cleanup areas for dairy products, for meats, and for any dairy, which includes all other foods, such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, and fish. 

Some kosher kitchens includes two sinks, two ovens, two microwaves, and two dishwashers. 

A checklist for Kosher cooking

  1. Separate pot and dish storage with at least one for dairy.
  2. two separate sinks  or double bowl.
  3. Ovens – double, two singles or stove with a separate oven. 
  4. Cutlery and utensil drawers – double or an extra for dairy.
  5. Separate pot and dish storage with at least one for dairy. .

Finance/Logistical Issues 

Kosher kitchen with two separate ovens for dairy and meat use. Nonetheless, this option is not always practical for financial or logistical reasons, and therefore the issues raised in this article must be addressed. Read more at OU Kosher – Is your oven Kosher.

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