Rock, paper, kitchen!

It is hard to keep re-inventing the wheel and kitchen cabinets are no different – after all, it is a box, with a couple of hinges and a door. You change it too much and it will simply not function…

The top European kitchen manufacturers are facing an ongoing dilemma – year after year, to come up with something new and exciting . The kitchen industry is really a fashion-driven business, and just like the clothing designers, kitchen manufacturers are doing whatever they can to  be different and to pioneer a new look, one that will set them apart and get them noticed.

One of the ways these manufactures are trying to stay original, in the last couple of years, is to use unique materials – not just wood, laminate, glass and lacquer anymore but stone, concrete, leather and even paper are showing up on the scene and we are not talking about the counter tops…

PaperStone ® is composed of recycled paper fiber and non-petroleum-based resins.
a courageous plan to use a new material derived from recycled paper, eco-friendly
Key Sbabo
. The PaperStone ® is a material made from fibers derived from recycled paper and resins not derived from petroleum.





A kitchen from Key Sbabo – the material derived from recycled, eco-friendly paper… PaperStone ® is composed of recycled paper fiber and non-petroleum-based resins. Meticulous attention has-been paid to details – even the sink is made of PaperStone ®

Progetto50 by Toncelli Cucine
Kitchen design made in Tuscan
Leather doors and drawer faces, leather drawer sides...














How about an entire kitchen, made from marble and leather…? Why not…? Toncelli Cucine.

A concrete kitchen, made entirely out of ultra-thin 8mm concrete...
Sturdy, but light enough - not just the counters, but the entire kitchen!
Strong, light and practical
Steininger Kitchen in concrete


















Steininger – an entire kitchen made of ultra-thin concrete – light, strong and safe.

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  1. Morning!

    First I would like to thank you for this great blog, a lot of useful info!. Already used it for my work and shared it with a lot of people.
    I’m doing a simple market study about US and Canada kitchen manufactures, do you know where can I find a list or directory of companies? all I found until now is hard to filter the info that I need.

    Thanks in advance for your time,

    Mario F.

    1. Thanks for the kind words.
      The only place that has a list of American manufacturers, that is somewhat accurate, will be the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association). Any other sites and listings I’ve seen, are not keeping any standards of being able to be listed (anyone can just list themselves, under any category) and so it will be convoluted with retailers, importers and even none related listings. This site, at least maintains some type of standards and doesn’t allow anyone to list themselves. You will find though, that the list has many parts suppliers and tiny local wood shops, mixed with the factories.
      Good luck!

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