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Europeans have been producing kitchens, in factories (vs. carpenter’s shops) for about 100 years now.

The countries that have the largest amount of kitchen brands are: Italy and Germany. They probably produce about 90% of the kitchens sold in Europe. They also are the largest exporters of kitchens outside of Europe.  

You will also find some large kitchen factories in England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and other European countries.

On the right side of the page are the European kitchen companies, by country. If you know a kitchen company, that is not listed, please contact us and will gladly add it.


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  1. HI kitchen guy: I’m considering two kitchens : an Arrex Timo versus a Doimo Materia. Do you have a view in the respective quality of each?


  2. Hi. A local retailer sells Italian kitchen furniture from Imab, NetCucine, Creo Kitchens and Lube. As I could not find evidence of any of the first three on your website, could you please rank these 4 according to their quality? Thanks.

    1. Tony – Creo is Lube (same company). NetCucine is a local Italian companys that sells locally only. Low cost/no frills product. Imab is really a furniture company, making very little kitchens…
      from these 4 – Lube.

  3. Dear kitchen guy ,

    Thumbs up for your great blog !
    How do you compare Burger kitchens to Schmidt ? I have received offers from both dealers and i was wondering whom do you rate better ?


  4. Hello Kitchenguy

    I posted a question on your blog but got no reply so I’m hoping this one find you…

    I’m trying to find out about Maistri Italian kitchens, I cannot find out too much about them so I’m hoping you could tell me where they stand in quality & price? A retailer called Cococucine sales them in London, they seem to be quite ‘high-end’ looking at their pictures and pricing?

    Great site!

    Kind regards

  5. Do you have any familiarity with Durinox steel from Blanco? It looks beautiful as countertops offered by Boffi. It is promoted as much less scratch resistant but how true is that ov weer the years in use? It is a relatively new install in the showroom and is unexplored to pots & pans & dishes that might actually scratch. Traditional stainless steel just gets too many scratches as countertops for my taste.

  6. How would you rate Nolte in terms of quality and price? Are they’re products all made in Germany? Is their hardware of good quality?

  7. Hi,

    I’ve been recommended Astra instead of Pedini cabinets in Los Angeles by Pedini LA. Pedini is 25% more expensive and their lead time for delivery is 3 weeks longer than Astra. Is it worth the price difference and longer wait time?

    1. Lynn Vaz – like the old saying goes: “You get what you pay for”… and in your case I will also add: “Good things come to those who wait”!
      You don’t have to be an expert to see the difference – look at the box constrauction, the under cabinet LED lights, the finishing, not to mention the design options and so much more…

  8. One more thing, I have a time constraint.Is there any equivalent quality kitchen I can get manufactured in North America with a shorter lead time? I’m looking at High gloss white lacquer. Please reply as soon as possible as I have to sign the contract in order for Pedini LA to order my Astra or Pedini kitchen. Astra’s timeline is mid November, Pedini is first week December. I would love a quicker production time without sacrificing quality. Thanks.

    1. Lynn Vaz – see my last comment: “Good things come to those who wait”. You’re not doing this kitchen for a couple of months – you want it to last for years. A few weeks for much better quality is an easy choice… Also, if there was ANYTHING made locally, that was even close to the quality of Pedini, at a price that is even close to theirs, do you rthink they would be selling so well allo ver the US…?

      1. Thank you. I could not find any reviews on PediniLA. I was surprised that they tried to push Astra without informing me that it was not Pedini. As I mentioned, the Pedini cabinets are 25% more than Astra. This is an insurance payout. I don’t really want to come out of pocket for the additional cost. Can you recommend any other lower priced cabinets than Pedini with better quality than Astra?

          1. Hi again. So PediniLA is recommending the Pedini Eko line to come close to the Astra price. The Integra line was more expensive at 25% more than Astra.

          2. Lynn – the Integra is their higher end model (thicker doors, etc.). Like I wrote to you on 8/26: “You get what you pay for”… We all would love to drink champeign and pay for beer…

  9. Hi Kitchenguy, I am choosing in Ukraine between Leicht or Pedini, which would you recommend quality wise? I am also looking at Valcucine Forma Mentis, but it is more expensive…

      1. Do you know a good dealer of Toncelli in Belgium or France (Provence)? (Toncelli is not represented in Belgium and France, as far as I know.)
        Why Bulthaup, Boffi and Toncelli are better quality than Strato? Design, finish, thickness of panels, veneer, inox, etc. from Strato are in my point of view better quality. So here I’m not right.
        Is it normal the pricelevel of Strato is higher than Bulthaup? What is the pricelevel of Toncelli (same as Bulthaup/Boffi)?
        What is your personal choice between them (= Bulthaup/Boffi/Toncelli/Strato)?
        I wish to thank you for your answers and you very interesting site.

  10. Good morning Kitchenguy, we are building a new kitchen in South France and are hesitating between Key Cucine and Leicht. This house is rented two or three months during the summer so we are really looking for quality. Which of the two brands would you recommend?

  11. Hi Kitchen guy ,

    I am based in India and am looking for a kitchen that is durable and wanted to know which is better in terms of quality and after sales (replacement etc ) in India
    – hacker or Veneta

    Also , would you know if using Hettich accessories and getting the shutters & frames built by locally is a good option


  12. Hello,

    We are thinking of becoming agents of a european brand of kitchens in Jordan.
    We have narrowed it down between Arclinea and Varenna.
    Which do you recommend? and can you please tell us why?
    We were considering Dada, however it seems to be too “high end” and therefore targets very specific clients. Other ideas?

    Thank you,

  13. Hi! Thanks for your blog, very interesting. Can I ask you an advice? We are looking for our first kitchen but it’s so difficult.
    We want a coloured kitchen (glossy laquered petroleum-blue). It is an in-line kitchen, about 5.5 meters. I live in Italy.
    We saw Scavolini, Lube, Stosa, Arrital, Varenna, Cesar. What is best quality?
    Our budget is 15000-20000 euro, are there any other brands shoud we consider? Or my budget is just too poor for a good quality laquered kitchen?
    Thank you in advance!

  14. How would you rate the following three european kitchen companies:
    Aran Cusine, Rastelli Cucine and Cusine Lube. Are they roughly equivalent or are they in very different catergories of quality. Note will be be going for a modern kitchen.


  15. We are being offered an arrital kitchen vs custom local build in Costa Rica. How would you rate their product. They offer a product called Fenix as a panel surface.


  16. Hi

    Putting a new kitchen in house we are buying (south Florida). Looked at siematic (s2) but cabinets only price is just shy of 70k USD (4′ x 9′ island) + 12′ of cabinets + 12′ of high cabinets.

    Have read your blog from to back and you regularly recommend pedini. Should I expect a similar price from pedini as for siematic? If no, what type of price difference could I expect to see (arke or majestika line)?

    Are prices high bc there is only one siematic, one Bulthaup, one poggenpohl dealer in this area? Or is 2000 usd per lineal door to be expected?

    Finally, I have read your comments about lube and miton. Would you spend your money on their cabinets over Ikea? And do you know anything about Italkraft (designers/installers).




    1. Miguel –
      Pedini Eko or Magika will be much lower in price than the other 3 brands, but if you go with Pedini’s higher cost models, it will be similar. The beauty is that if the style you like is available in these models – you save a bundle.
      Prices are high, because these are high-end brands, that don’t offer much in terms of a less costly options.
      Lube and Mito are better choices than IKEA – they at least offer design options and customization. Italkraft is a local FL dealer, selling several brands.

      1. Hi –

        Thanks for your advice….always very helpful.

        I understand the high-end positioning of these brands but I found prices here much more expensive than in The Netherlands (had a Bulthaup kitchen there) and thought maybe had to do with lack of competition (just within 30 mins of Amsterdam area there are probably 3 Siematic, 4 Bulthaup, and 3 Poggenpohl dealers vs 1 Bulthaup, 1 Siematic, 1 Poggenpohl in Miami/Fort Lauderdale area). So figured they could a keep higher margin due to so little competition.

        Are the higher end Pedini styles due to newer innovative designs or due to the quality of the materials themselves?
        For example, I understood from Italkraft that Midon/Lube cabinets where thinner than those of Siematic and others (20 mm vs 22mm so less sturdy).

        I don’t know the prices for either yet (calling now the Pedini sales room in Coral Gables to visit) but would you suggest the two Pedini styles I mentioned over Lube/Midon?



        1. Miguel – the difference in price is partly due to the competition, but also to shipping costs (the Netherlands are a truck-drive away), customs duty and more. The kitchens in the Netherlands are also much simpler, design wise, than in the US and the customers are a lot less demanding… 😉
          Pedini’s higher-end models, have the same specs – thicker doors (22mm and even 25mm) and all the other bells and whistles, including some unique designs and materials.
          As far as comparing Pedini to Miton and Lube – no comparison, even on the less expensive models.

      1. Thank you for your reply.

        What about Allmilmð and Euromobil? which one is better in terms of quality? Also in terms of price, which one is more expensive?

  17. Hi,

    Loving this blog, keep it up

    I am looking for a new kitchen for a rented property and would like to know which you recommend from the below options and which is best “value for money” as it is for a rented property.

    Schuller, Pronorm, Nabila, Schimdt, Miton

    Many Thanks

  18. Hi, could you please recommend couple of manufacturers of professional kitchen furniture. We want to order one for countryside house. Thanks, Samir

  19. Hi Kitchenguy,

    First of all thank you for running this site, it is so useful.

    I am currently looking to install a high end kitchen- top budget 40k including appliances. I wanted some advise. I was going to consider Nolte but having read the information here I have disregarded them.

    I want a Siematic but not sure I have the budget? We have been offered to see Hacker and kohl Mann – what do you think? And would you think I have budget for another high end German grand?


  20. Sorry for all the questions- have you also heard of a muller kicthen and if you would rate them against the companies I mentioned above?

  21. Hi Kitchenguy,

    You list appliance brands but there are not questions about them so please accept my apologies if this is not an appropriate question.

    I was considering Bosh, Siemens or Balay for a new kitchen in Spain but had been also offered Franke (oven, microwave, cook and sink but not dishwasher nor washing machine which would be Balay). I did not even know Franke.

    How would you rate this brands? Are they similar? Any recommended site where I can find info?

    Thank you.

  22. Hi kitchenguy. Which brand would I select, Stosa or Arredo3? The local distributor of Snaidero represents Arredo3 also as a cost affordable brand and told me that nowdays Arredo3 has a better finishing than Snaidero, is affordable and as a brand is in the third place (sales) in Italian kitchens.

  23. Dear Kitchenguy

    How are the kitchens from Arrital. We are building the house in India and these are being offered as a part of the turn key contract. Have not head about them, only seen the website. Do you have any past experience about them.

  24. Hi Kitchen guy,
    We are considering to become an agent for an Italian kitchen in Vancouver Canada,
    Our market is affordable luxury. We can’t decide between Stosa vs. Veneta.
    Which one you recommend? What is the main difference in your opinion?
    Thank you for your time

  25. Hi Kitchen Guy,

    I’m in Chicago building a new house. What company would you say provides the best value, quality vs price?

    Any American companies I should consider?

  26. Hello Kitchenguy! Hope you are doing well.
    We are from Switzerland, and we have to choose in our project between BULTHAUP and ARCLINEA. Which one would you recommend best? And for what reasons?
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Have a nice week.

  27. hello , what would you say about ixina prices and quality ? .. I’m thinking of opening Ixina franchise here in Canada … I would really appreciate your answer on this … Thank you

  28. Hello,

    I am deciding between Val Design or Composit. Which is better? If neither, can you reccommend brand near same price point? I love the design of the composit touch.

  29. Can you rank the following?

    Pedini, Scavolini, Arrital, Siematic, Snaidero, Poggenpohl, Ernestomeda

  30. Hello
    Great blog!
    We’re getting our first new kitchen. We have a Beckermann design (Sienna range). Don’t know much about this make – for example, is it a low, mid or high option for quality versus price. We’d be very grateful for your thoughts.
    Many thanks

  31. We are trying to decide between a Alno, Haeker and Nolte kitchen. How do these compare from a quality perspective?

  32. Hi Kitchen Guy,

    Thanks for a great site!

    Currently redoing a kitchen in New Jersey. Deciding between SieMatic, Poliform, Haecker and Pedini. How would you rank the four in terms of 1) quality and 2) price? Have I missed any brands that would be good to consider? Trying not to get overwhelmed by options but also nervous about making a mistake!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend.


  33. I am considering Snaidero Mica (Micalised) Matte cabinet finish. And I noticed that it seems to scratch very easily on my sample. Is this something I should worry about. Do other finishes scratch as easily? Do other manufacturers have the same tendency?

  34. Hello Kitchenguy,
    I am on the look for a modern kitchen brand. Where i live, Riyadh Saudi Arabia, there are branches for Hacker, Siematic, Bulthaup, Doimo Cucine, Next 125, and Nobilia. Siematic and Doimo being my favorite, as their modern designs are appealing and the price range is close to my budget. What is your opinion of both brands?

    Thank you

  35. Hi Kitchenguy,

    We’re currently looking for a modern Handleless kitchen for our new extension.

    Have checked out numerous local suppliers.

    Prices don’t vary massively, could you help with any advice/feedback on choosing between the following brands:

    Hacker – Classic Lasso

    Schuller – either the C range or Next 125

    Arredo3 – Kali

    Are there any pros/cons between any of these that we should be aware of?

    Thanks in advance

  36. Hello there. Just wondering if you had any experience with Berloni or Warendorf? I believe the Warendorf is better in quality, and thus price. But is the price differential justify the difference in quality? Thanks!

  37. Hello Kitchenguy,

    Thank you for this very informative page.

    I’m looking to get white glossy “glass” cabinets for my kitchen and I noticed both Pedini and Scavolini have them (and may be others in the Boston area also have them but I have not checked). However, I’m not sure how they perform over time and usage (quality and reliability), other than looking pretty.

    Also, from a pricing perspective Pedini($40K) is about 6K higher than Scavolini($34K). Based on your comments above Pedini seems to be better but we’re already stretching our budget with Scavolini. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance,

  38. Hi! I am in Perth Australia and have the choice of Nobilia, Leicht, and Brigitte. If price did not matter, which brand would you chose for design/quality?

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