european kitchen brands

Europeans have been producing kitchens, in factories (vs. carpenter’s shops) for about 100 years now.

The countries that have the largest amount of kitchen brands are: Italy and Germany. They probably produce about 90% of the kitchens sold in Europe. They also are the largest exporters of kitchens outside of Europe.  

You will also find some large kitchen factories in England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and other European countries.

On the right side of the page are the European kitchen companies, by country. If you know a kitchen company, that is not listed, please contact us and will gladly add it.


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  1. hey anyone who can help me for Italian Modular Kitchen brand plz catch me on my email as we are alrdy in market of Modular Kitchen…

    E-Mail :

  2. Steve welsh

    Hi there,

    I’ve got some major issues with some Xenia line doors from Brigitte-kuchen. Large chunks of the laquer on my glass doors has peeled and just fallen away from the glass, its atruly shocking mess !Has anyone else had these problems of does anyone have a copy of their warranty / guarantee for their products they could send me ?

    I hope this doesn’t happen to you !


  3. Hi KitchenGuy,

    We are looking into modular kitchen brands in India; Bangalore to be specific. We are exploring quite a lot of brands like Nolte, Hacker, Alno, Veneta Cucine, Cucine Lube, Snaidero, Aran as of now. I think Poggenpohl will be way out of budget for us. Would you have any recommendations in terms of brands? I would understand if you did not have an idea wrt service, delivery of these brands in India.


    • Koel – it is very hard to answer your question, because these brands are all over the place (high, medium and low end), plus, many of them have “good, better & best” models, in their own offerings…
      Sorry, but you must be much more specific and narrow the number of brands down, in order for me to be able to respond intelligently and without writing a whole book… :)

      • Oops , ok I guess I was expecting you to do a kind of ranking for me like A-1, B-2, etc but yes it’s big list. Let me do some hunting around and then get back to you with a narrowed down list.

        • Hi,

          Do you have any reviews on Scavolini and Aran kitchens please?

          Thanks in advance,

          • Jennifer – both are large companies, that are ‘price driven’. Anything else you like to know, please ask a specific question.

  4. Hi,

    I am in the process of becoming dealer for some German and Italian kitchen brands. The options are as follow:

    Alno, Pronorm, Hacker, Schuller and Leicht
    Pedini, ??

    Please kindly suggest 2-3 med/high end Italian brands.

    Please note this is for London area.
    Many thanks

    Pedini, Snaidero, Scavolini.

    • Sam – not 100% sure, who is alreday represtented in London, but check out my Top 20 List – these are all great.

      • Hi Sam, I am the UK Sales Director for Aran and would be happy to speak with you dependent on which part of London you are? I know we are not in kitchenguy’s top 20 but hoping to change that! Aran are the best selling Italian kitchens in the world and although competitively priced use 18mm water resistant carcasses with all the blum internals you see in a Poggenpohl for example. The range is huge and offers plenty of design options as well working with designers such as Karim Rashid.

    • Have you considered Comprex? Don’t go to London Comprex though!
      Go direct.

      You didn’t mention Schröder in your list of German products, very flexible and impressive commercial door range.

  5. Hi Kitchenguy,

    We are shopping for a kitchen system and came across Dada. I wonder how does Dada rank against eggersmann and poliform varenna?


  6. Dear kitchenguy,
    Thank you very much for the amazing blog.
    I am in the market for a handless minimal kitchen. I short listed modulanuova , Leicht and a Minimal kitchen. How do you rank these kitchen? Have you come across Minimal sliding worktop solution, do you recommend it ? Many thanks

  7. Hi,
    How would you compare euromobil to veneta cucine and nolte in terms of quality and price.
    What would be the starting range for a euromobil kitchen?

  8. Kitchenguy,

    You should have a blog centred around the comments and consultation that you give:) I know that you highly recommend Hacker possibly over Nolte. Funnily when I visited both places, I felt that the quality of the material used in Nolte kitchens was better ( even if slightly ) than comparable ones in Hacker. Added to the fact, that I got a door-bitch treatment at Hacker, I am a bit in doubt over considering it. Hence the question is why do you prefer Hacker to Nolte. Also, does a dealer make a difference. The designers sitting there look too young to inspire confidence in me so I am thinking of filtering on the basis of brand, design and dealer.

    • T20 – Haecker is simply a couple of steps above Nolte…
      The designer/showroom/installer are very importent!
      Take it all under consideration when choosing.

  9. Hi kitchenguy,

    Glad to see you back. Apologies if you answered my question before but RWK or Hacker Classic?


  10. Bharatnesa

    Hi Kitchenguy, how do you rate Scavollini, Veneta cucine and Aran?

  11. Hi Kitchenguy, can you please rate poliform varenna,poggenpohl,nolte, Haecker brands in the order of superiority. Is there a specific reason for ranking in the order that you wish to rank.

    • Mahesh – Haecker, Poggenpohl, Varenna, Nolte. based on design, value, quality and service.
      Good luck!

  12. Hi

    Can you give me the difference between
    poggenpohl kitchen and Schmidt


    • Ismail – the two are similar – go with the one that you like better. either the product, the design, the designer or the showroom.
      Good luck!

  13. management consultants

    Yoou could certainly see your expertise in the work you write.

    The world hopes for more passionate writers like you
    who aren’t afrasid too say how they believe. All the time goo after your heart.

  14. Hi
    We live in Johannesburg, South Africa and have narrowed down our choice to Siematic S2 and Snaidero Ola/Way. While Seimatic is more expensive, how will you rate the two brands in terms of quality, design & functionality?

  15. Ammar Cucine

    Hi Kitchenguy ,

    Im a kitchen showroom owner located in Bahrain, and I am considering in selling Italian kitchens. However, Im a bit troubled in choosing the right product to sell in terms of quality, price, design and service. I know this answer might be easy, but im currently down with 2 brands. Stosa Cucine or Pedini.

    What would you recommend? and why? (Remember in terms of quality, price, design and service)


    • Ammar Cucine – this is very easy – Pedini. Better quality, selection and more suitable for export.

  16. chingkin

    Hello kitchenguy,

    First of all apologize for the upcoming big questions…I am from Hong Kong and am actually doing some researches on kitchen brands in the market. Putting brand image aside, based on concept of “good value for money” (good design & product quality), could you please rank for the below brands? Of course, I understand that which brand below might have high-end line or low-end line but please suggest based on an average view of your understanding.

    Toto Kitchen

    Secondly, if which company(s) you will be putting under these categories of description:
    (1) design-driven (emphasizes on product design)
    (2) price-driven (being cost effective, even cheap)
    (3) brand & marketing-driven (emphasizes on brand building)

    Big big thanks here!!

    • chingkin – this is not a question, but rather an industry study you’re asking for… :) If you’d like to hire us to do this study, we will be willing to consider it, but answering it like that is just not professional… Also Kohler (I’m assuming that is the brand you misspeled) and Toto are not kitchen brands, but plumbing companies.

      • chingkin

        Hi Kitchenguy! Fully noted with your comment… not sorry at all please! :)

  17. Darlene

    We have narrowed down between Scavolini, Alno, and Leicht for a NYC pantry and kitchen – we like all 3, which do you recommend? We are looking for value as well as quality, style, and longevity. THANK YOU! GREAT WEBSITE.

    • Darlene – between these 3, if all else is equal, I’d go with Leicht.

      • Hi Kitchen Guy,

        How would you rank these brands based on quality of minimalist designs?



        • Yoyo – with the acception of Scavolini, that really doesn’t fit in this league, they are all great and each offers a quality minimalist design.

      • Jumping into the tread here ….. We are down to 2 of those 3 …. Leicht and Alno. Really like Leicht but they keep pressuring me for a large deposit for the plans, which is annoying me. However is Leicht so much better than Alno that I should ignore that?

  18. debbie

    we live outside nyc and we are considering the lowest-end leicht kitchen cabinets but we are only able to see the high-end boxes in the showroom. What can we expect the quality of Leicht low end boxes to be – or are they the same quality as the high-end? Love your website

    • debbie – I’m not aware of a ‘lower cost’ product from Leicht, As far as I know, you have to go with a laminate door, to achieve a lower price point. If they don’t show it at the showroom, can they at least point top it on their web site…?

  19. Doron Chanin

    Hi Kitchenguy, we are in Los Angeles, and do not have too many choices when it comes to European modern kitchens, we are looking at Miton, is their quality good and how does this compare to other Italian or German brands, we are also looking at Bauformat from Germany do you have any info on this brand?

    • Doron – Both Miton and Bauformat are lower-end products. Their quality is low-to-mid and that is the way they achieve a lower price, with a similar look to other, better products. You are better off with a higher end brand, using their more economical model (kind of like going with Mercedes, but the C class).

  20. Paula Kyd

    Hi, kitchenguy,
    We’re renovating an apartment in Athens, Greece in the Kolonaki area. In thh kitchen, stylewise, we’re looking for plain lacquered doors in a semi-gloss or satin matte finish, with handleless wall units, and handles on the base cabinets. This simple look can be had from many manufacturers. Our architect has suggested cabinets made by Bauformat, Ballerina, and a line called Signia, which she says is made by Siematic, as an architect’s line. I’m leaning toward the Signia, solely because of the Siematic connection and assuming it will mean better quality. What are your thoughts on these brands, and can you tell me if Signia is really made by Siematic? I truly appreciate any help you can give me! Many thanks!

    • Paule – their site states that they are a subsidiary of the August-Siekmann-Möbelwerke, who is the founder of SieMatic. Beyond that, there is no info – not even an address… I suspect that it is owned by the Siekmann family and that they use it for cheaper kitchens, like the ones they use in multi-unit projects, etc. Can’t tell you much more than that, beacuse it seems that they are not intersted in sharing more info…

  21. mireia

    first of all,thanks for the blog, very helpfull. I would like to you ask what it is the best material in a kitchen for a place with a lot of humidity.. I live in a island and we usually have 70% humidity when sunny…. I thought polymeric was best or acrylic for top cabinet and laminated for bottom cabinets….. Your help will be highly appreciate ! many thanks!

    • mireia – all finishes, as long as it is a quality product, that is finished properly, to withstand the humidity.

  22. Prashant

    Hi, I want to know about European modular Kitchen Hardware & Accessories Brand like Grass, Blum & Hettich to associate with.

  23. John Jost

    Nobilio or Wellman, or are there better options in this price point

  24. Alison


    A couple of months back you kindly ranked Siematic above Nolte for me based on quality alone. Now that I have like for like quotes may I now ask your opinion based on cost also?

    I have a price of £40,000 for Siematic and £31,700 for Nolte. (With Nolte I could upgrade to glass fronted units for £34,000. As we have a dog I feel they would wear better than laminate gloss).

    My heart tells me to go with Siematic, which I agree has the edge, but I am struggling to justify that price difference so my head says Nolte.

    Your opinion would be much appreciated.


    • Alison – I hear you loud and clear… – how about something in between? Better quality than Nolte, but not such an expensive price for a name, like SieMatic?
      Where are you located?

      • Alison


        Thanks for your reply. I have also received a quote for Leicht (£34,000 laminate gloss doors or £38,000 for glass fronted doors). Did look at Haecker but they were more expensive than Siematic in early stages so ruled them out (although I didn’t ever get a like for like comparison of final layout).

        In answer to your question I am based in Kendal, Cumbria.

        Nolte available through local family firm. Son measures father fits. So personal touch.
        Siematic team very professional. Thorough in design, and very knowledgable.
        The company selling Leicht only just won the contract so new to German systems, very helpful but understandably not yet fully au fait with the system.

        Difficult call. Getting a lot for the money on paper with Nolte but………


        • Alison – you’re all over the place and that is not good… – you must compare apples to apples. Haecker is not more expensive than SieMatic and should be more competative than Leicht. Nolter is a step down from the others.
          Good luck,

  25. Shubhra Mittal

    have been following your blog with interesting inputs on kitchen brands. I had finalised a S2 kitchen with Siematic for my living dining experience and just before placing the final order, I came across logica system from Val cucine. I am so fascinated by the video of the system and it fits in our requirement of an open kitchen which stays clean as all of it is closed. I am an architect and this is for my own house. This kitchen is exclusively to be used by me and my girl and we have another kitchen for family usage. Please suggest whether we should go in for valcucine or continue with S3 Siematic

    • Shubhra Mittal – they are both good products and are very different from each other. It is really a matter of taste and budget.

  26. This is the first time I am ever looking at kitchens and the long delivery time means I can’t procrastinate.
    Would it be possible to give a view on Zeyko vs Ballerina please?
    Would you expect similar price / quality for the same kitchen?

  27. Hi, fantastic voluntary service you’re running here. Thanks. We’re in the UK, and are down to five brands that we’ve identified: Leicht, Hacker, Schuller, Alno and Nolte. We’ve had quite a shockingly high quote from a Hacker dealer (£28,000 for a 29 unit kitchen – cabinets only – I think the dealer has got a bit carried away here he has since dropped the price by £6000). How do these other brands compare in terms of cost to Hacker?

    • Kev – Alno and Nolte should be cheaper than the other three, but it is very hard to compare costs between different suppliers that should be more or less the same, without comparing apples and apples – same design scope, product spec’s etc. After you’ve leveled it all off, you need to factor in the designer and the showroom too – price is not everything…

  28. hello kitchenguy , kindly if you can give me a names of Italian kitchens fabrications , (mass production) i am looking for factory to buy modular kitchen units and i ship it to my country and install it
    your reply is high appreciated
    thank you

  29. Greetings from the Philippines!

    I’m currently building a new home and considering a European kitchen brand.

    I’ve researched on the brands that have local dealers and found these so far…

    1. Siematic
    2. Scavolini
    3. Mobalpa
    4. Bulthaup
    5. Leicht
    6. Poggenpohl

    Among the brands above, how do you rank them in terms of overall quality (high to low)?

    Also, assuming material/features are similar, may I know the correct order in terms of pricing (high to low)? Since dealer quotes can vary, this will help me a lot to know if someone is overpricing.

    So far, among the very few friends who went for a European kitchen brand, Siematic seems the preferred choice and I think it is mainly because the dealer is very active in promoting in my market.

    Thank you very much!

    • Jacob – in terms of overall quality (high to low):
      1. Bulthaup
      2. Siematic
      3. Poggenpohl
      4. Leicht
      5. Mobalpa
      6. Scavolini
      For pricing – it shouyld be in the same order, more or less.

  30. Me.Kitchenguy
    How would you rank Toffini quality and price against hacker poggenpohl alno Nolte ?

    • DD SS – Toffini is a very new and very small company, specializing in custom-made (bespoke) kitchens. The other 4 are some of the largest kitchen companies in the world. They are not custom, but if what you’re looking for is part of their collection, the price should be better and the quality, service, warranty, etc., too.

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    • Sandra – they are about the same – factor in your decision the dealer’s reputation, the designer’s skills, etc.

  33. more info

    I got this web site from my friend who told me concerning this web site and at the moment this
    time I am browsing this web page and reading very informative content at this place.


    hey kitchenguy ! i am currently looking for distributionship for india of any italian company. could you please suggest me a few . also how is toffini’s market hold compared to the big players like poggenpohl , scavolini and haeker?

    • INDRAJEET – you need to look around and see what brands are avaialble to you (not sold alreday). What do you mean by “market hold”?


        i mean on what basis ( for e.g quality , feel , design , pricing ) will an architect recommend toffini when you already have such established brands in india already? basically im looking for some plus and minus points about toffini

  35. Hi! How does Arredo3 kitchen from Italy compare to the more famous German brands like Siematic?

    The distributor in my country is offering aggressive pricing for their kitchen systems so I’m curious.


    • Jacob – it doesn’t compare at all…

      • Hi kitchenguy,

        I just visited the Hacker showroom again and yes, cabinet finishing between German and Italian brands (Scavolini/Arredo3) seem quite obvious :)

        In your opinion, among the German brands, which is in general best value for money assuming features are similar? (Siematic, Hacker, Stormer, Poggenpohl, Leicht).

        I know the local dealer plays an important part but which brands would you recommend? I’m looking at modern kitchen with handle-less design in wood laminate finish.

        • Jacob – it is not the right conclusion (“cabinet finishing between German and Italian brands”), but these specific brands (Scavolini/Arredo3, vs. Siematic, Hacker, Stormer, Poggenpohl, Leicht).
          Anyhow, from these 5 – Haecker.

          • Yes, you are correct in pointing out that comparison should be between brands.

            These days, I’m waiting for proposals from local agents of Poggenpohl, Siematic, Haecker, Leicht, and Alno.

            But my interior designer is actually suggesting to just buy from a local cabinet maker and put in higher range Blum hardware.

            So it is a bit confusing which way to go so I guess I should just wait for the quotes in the meantime.

            By the way, do you also make reviews on European appliances? It would be very nice to read about them too :)

            Thanks again!

          • Jacob – I’ve never seen a ‘local cabinet maker’ that can compete with large companies… If that ‘local cabinet maker’ is indeed ‘making’ the cabinets, than his product can’t be at the same level – he doesn’t have the machinery and/or the equipment to be able to produce the same quality. Also, he pays a lot more for materials (small quantity). I found that most ‘local cabinet makers’ are actually just buying ready made parts and assembling them. The ‘cabinet making’ part is very small. My experience has also been that they can’t stand behind their product, as well as the large companies – they just can’t afford to…

  36. [updated]

    Hello kitchenguy,
    Can you please give me the order of which is the best in terms of quality:
    - Scavolini having cabinets 22 CM IN WHITE LAMINATE LASER EDGE
    - ARAN Bella having cabinets with 28mm MDF and 3 times water paint gloss
    - Arex Arcobaleno – MDF Polymeric
    -Scic – MDF Polymeric

  37. Hi Kitchenguy,

    I’m building a new house and looking for kitchens in Miami Fl. between LUBE and RECORD how would you compeer. I need good price but durability, I cook and entertain a lot. I went to Snaidero but it’s out of my price range, it’s a very big kitchen so the 20% price difference is a lot of money, and I did not like vendetta cucine.

    Thanks for all your help

    • Esther – between these two, Record is better, but not by much… I looked up the locations of these showrooms – down the street there’s a Pedini showroom – check them out.
      Good luck!

      • Thanks for your prompt reply. I will definitely check Pedini out. The place that represents Record also carries MODULNOVA. Is it worth the difference in price?

        Thanks again


  38. Hi kitchenguy,

    Many thanks again for your blog site as it’s not easy to find discussions comparing various European kitchen furniture brands.

    After some research, here’s the shortlist of brands I’m considering. Apart from the brand, I also factored in the dealer I think I’ll be comfortable working with…

    - Its probably the leading brand in my area as most dealers or friends who are interested in European kitchen brands seem to view Siematic as a reference point.

    - I didn’t even consider at first as display looked very expensive but dealer will quote me their B1. Do you think B1 should be priced similarly to Siematic’s S2 if apples to apples in terms of features? In terms of quality, would you say even Bulthaup’s “entry level” B1 is higher than S2?

    - I read positive comments in the blog so I’m curious about the brand. Based on their showroom display, Hacker quality seems similar to Leicht and Alno. Would you say it is similar to Siematic as well or lower?

    - The Leicht dealer is comparing themselves to Siematic in terms of branding with a slightly lower price quote (but higher than Hacker). Do you agree with brand image comparison? And in terms of price, do you think they are charging too much?

    - Is Alno brand image similar to the brands I mentioned so far (apart from Bulthaup)? I read in the KBB website that Alno is marketed as a premium brand in the UK. Their quote is considerably lower than the other brands I mentioned above so I’m curious about their quality also if comparable to Hacker and Leicht.

    Thanks again!

    • Jacob –
      Bulthaup – B1 should be priced similarly to Siematic’s S2. Bulthaup’s “entry level” B1 is just very limited in options/colors, etc.
      Haecker – similar to Leicht and a bit less than Siematic. Better than Alno.
      Leicht – see above.
      Alno – you get what you pay for… :)

      • Thanks kitchenguy!

        By the way, how do white cabinets age especially from quality suppliers like the brands I mentioned? I like the white color of say Bulthaup’s B1 but I wonder how it will age especially if the kitchen is located near a balcony where some sunlight gets through.

        I’m curious as I noticed that a friend’s 10-year old Siematic matt white kitchen cabinets seems a bit shiny and not “too” white probably from age. Perhaps cabinet technology has improved since then?

        In general, which cabinet finish type usually age well? Matt laminate, Wood look laminate, gloss laminate, lacquer, or veneer?

        • Jacob – they should be ok, unless they are exposed to direct sun light on a daily basis – then, you’ll have a problem with just about any finish…

          • I see! I had a meeting with some of kitchen suppliers and they couldn’t guarantee that white color will not fade or become yellowish eventually….

            So difficult to choose … :)

          • Jacob – how about white glass…?

  39. Hello from Spain, we are considering redoing our actual poggenpohl kitchen and we have recieved an offer of 15.000 euros from a decoration firm for doing it with Doimo, model aspen in glass.
    We really do want to be sure to have the best furniture, as hard as poggenpohl has been for these last 15 years. Whats your advise? Thank you in advance.

  40. Thank you very much for your response. And Doimo could be compared with DADA kitchens? We would like to find good quality but for us it is also important the design because we find the kitchen is also the “heart” of the house.

  41. Hi Kitchenguy. I think I’ve read all comments in all articles on your blog, but have seen nothing mentioned about Desi Cucine and Vama Cucine. So can you rank the following 4 for me, please: Doimo, Vama, Miton and Desi?

    I’ve got offers from each of them. Desi is the cheapest. Miton is 80% more than Desi. Vama is 5% more than Miton. Doimo is 32% more than Vama. Do the price differences reflect the quality difference exactly? Thank you!

  42. What do you think of Rational? I see they are part of Snaidero Group these days. Anybody you would recommend in the same price range but better quality?

  43. ladyinpink

    Just thinking about committing to Modulnova….love the finish but at $70k (without appliances), wondering if I should look at Boffi and Bulthaup also….bit worried that the dealer doesn’t have high turnover…(Western Canada)

  44. Hi! Kitchenguy! I would like to take a mid-high level German kitchen cabinet brand for long term cooperation in China, as I’m considering between Allmilmo and Leicht, how’s you opinion about their company background, branding, quality, price and service from factory? Or any other mid-high brand suggest from you. Thank you!

    • Jo – you’re asking for a market research, not an opinion. I can’t do that seriously, without investing tolts of time in it, especiually for a new market.
      The short answer: They are both good brands, but my choice would be Leicht. Better price point, more down to earth.

  45. Hey kitchen guy, the place on web is just amazing with quality information.
    Do you know about a Turkish appliance brand called Simfer??
    is it gud to invest money and be associated with them as channel partner for a particular state here in India.

  46. hi there – lube or scavolini or hacker? thanks in advance.

  47. Maureen Cristina

    Could you kndly rate the following kitchen brands by quality please?
    - arex
    - record
    - scavolini
    - miton
    - ala

    Many thanks!

    • Maureen Cristina – they are about the same, with small differences. Also depends on model/finish, etc.

      • Thanks kitchen guy.

        The following are the models in question:
        Arrex (Model – Mango)
        Scavolini (Model- Liberamente)
        Miton (Model- MT 122 Lasertec)
        Record (Model- Urban)

        Could you kindly rate these according to kitchen brand quality please as we are a bit lost!

        Many thanks

        • Maureen – they are all lower-end products, that are driven by price and are about equal, in terms of quality. If you need to choose from these 5, go with the designer/dealership you like better. They are as importent as the product itself.

  48. My head is spinning: quality! price! brand! I have looked at
    and priced: Veneta Cucine, Scavolini, Snaidero and Ar-Tre
    Your thoughts on them would be much appreciated!

    • Korinne – first, take a deep breath… Relax… Buying a new kitchen should be fun!
      Here we go, in this order (from higher quality & price, to the lower) – Snaidero, Scavolini, Ar Tre & Veneta.

  49. Good morning! One more question that I think is the “crunch of the matter” in my decision making: the kitchen designs all (in a novice’s eyes)look positively gorgeous! The hinges, for example, look as if they come from the same (similar manufacturer) so where do I truly see the difference between high & low kitchen cabs. Sales people tell me that their product – naturally – is much much better than X. And thank you for reminding me that it should be fun; that should be at the heart of the job, yes?
    Thanks again for not getting lost the kitchen jungle!

    • Korinne – don’t focus on the brand of the hinge/drawer (unless you don’t like the way the door/drawer closes, for some reason), or the thickness of the carcase material – if you compare between reputable brands of similar levels, they should all have qualty specs. Choose a few quality brands, than focus on the material you like, the designer/dealer you feel comfortable with and narrow down the design, so you have a way to compare prices…

  50. So confused in which kitchen brand to choose,hacker systemat av 4030 high gloss,curved units,or
    Nolte nova lack genuine high gloss lacquer magma 739 curved,please can you help in explaining

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