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Europeans have been producing kitchens, in factories (vs. carpenter’s shops) for about 100 years now.

The countries that have the largest amount of kitchen brands are: Italy and Germany. They probably produce about 90% of the kitchens sold in Europe. They also are the largest exporters of kitchens outside of Europe.  

You will also find some large kitchen factories in England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and other European countries.

On the right side of the page are the European kitchen companies, by country. If you know a kitchen company, that is not listed, please contact us and will gladly add it.


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  1. Hello!
    I need your Help.

    We want a kitchen of high quality and reasonable price.
    Between Miton (Lima in white y sincro NOZE DODOZUKI, both acrylic) and Lube brava (Rovere visone Tranche and bianco neve acrylic) the bianco neve dosnt be white absolutely, but my floor is not white, but the counter top is Silestone white zeus).


  2. I am looking to buy euromobile kitchen is it good ? Would you recommend another brand ?

  3. Hello,
    I have been looking at Rotpunkt and SieMatic for a 4X3 m kitchen, from the same retailer. There is no doubt that the finishing and details of SieMatic are better. I am wondering however whether the price difference (Rotpunkt 8.300, SieMatic 14.500 €) reflects and justifies the overall superior quality….

  4. Hey Kitchenguy,

    Great site! What do you think of the quality of Cesar vs Alno? Or would you recommend another brand (comparable price level)?


  5. Hi! I was wondering which one is better scavolini or veneta? Also i wanted to know if you know the brand ar-tre and how would you rank it?

  6. Hi,
    I live in San Francisco and am currently in the process of getting quotes from the following designers -
    Studio Becker
    Sozo Studio – a local designer, products made in Southern California.

    I have yet to look at Boffi, Poggenpohl and Siematic. I visited Alno but not a fan. Do you suggest I look at any other designers and out of my list who’s quality would you recommend. Our budget is around 100K but obviously would be great to come under. Who do you think has best quality for price. Thanks!!

    • Alka – have you tried Pedini? They just opened a second showroom in the SF area. Great product, I think you’d like.

      • Hi, thanks for the reply. Yup, went to Pedini, I wasn’t blown away by their showroom but obviously they’ll have many more options. I’ll revisit them.

        • Alka – you mentioned Poggenpohl and Siematic and the fact that you have a 100K budget, but obviously would be great to come under – I think Pedini will be just as good as the others, within this budget – visit them again.

          • Thanks! I will def. check Pedini out again. I visited Boffi today which I really liked. You mentioned Pedini, Boffi and Piggenpohl similarly priced? Is Bulthaup also in that range? I really liked Sozo cause they are more custom. Do you know anything about them? Thanks in advance for all your help!

          • Alka – FYI – some of Boffi’s doors come from the same supplier as Pedini… so does the hardware… As far as pricing is concerned, it is hard for me to tell because I don’t have information of the mark-ups that the local dealers in SF are using. Bulthaup is also a great choice.
            Never heard of Sozo, but checked them up online – looks like a local shop, which in my opinion is not an advantage. You’ll get lesse quality, for the same price…

  7. Hello,
    Is Santos kitchen a good one to take a look?
    Which quality level would you rank it?

  8. Do you think it is worth the extra cost to purchase Pedini rather than Mia Cucine cabinets?

    • Bonnie – Mia Cucina is a retail shop. They are selling Record Kitchens and the answer is ‘yes’ – it is worth the extra cost!

  9. Diane Gibbons

    Are Leicht kitchens any good? How is the quality? Do they stand up over time? I was tied to a true all wood cabinet until I saw some Leicth designes and loved them

    • Diane Gibbons – yes they are. Yes they do. What ius “true wood cabinets”? ‘True plywood box’? ‘True wood doors’? These are not better…

  10. michael antreou

    Hey kitchenguy, i am in the process of choosing between a Arredo Wega and a Euromobil kitchen, the latter is more expensive. How do they compare in terms of quality?

  11. Madelaine

    Dear Kitchenguy,

    I’m deciding between Scavolini and Veneta. In your experience, which is better quality?

  12. searchme

    Hi kitchen, I am confused between deltango, lube and hacker. Can you please guide which one is better?


  13. Hello,

    I was looking at kitchens . how do you rate del tango, scavolini, lube and hacker? How good is MDF as they use MDF or particle wood? Please suggest.

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