The 10 largest European Kitchen Companies

The Nobia Group                            Häcker                                   Mobalpa, France   

Many of you have asked me for a ‘top 10 list’ of European kitchen companies. Being that in my mind ‘Top 10′ is not just about company size and/or sales volume (especially in today’s economy…) I’m still working on that list for you and sooner or later it will be posted.
In the mean time, with the help of a good friend (thank you, A.S.), I was able to come up with the list of the largest companies in the European kitchen brands for you.

Bauformat, Germany                      Nobilia, Germany                          Cuisine Schmidt
The difficult part about coming up with such a list is how do you measure size, or I should say – by what parameters. I see, some European companies are actually part of a Group – they own several kitchen brands/factories, not necessarily all in the same country (!). Some manufacture kitchens but also sell retail, through a chain of factory owned stored. They may produce less kitchens, then another company, but if you add their retail sales, to their wholesale figures and then add appliances (manufactured by appliance companies, counters and even labor, the comparison is simply not easy.

Nolte, Germany       Alno Group, Germany         Schüller, Germany           Snaidero Group, Italy  

So with the above in mind, the only way to create the list (without going nuts) is really just by total sales figures (Europeans like to use the term – ‘Turnover’). So here is the list:

1. Nobia Group (Sweden) – There are many companies in this group, like Poggenpohl and Pronorm (Germany), HTH (Denmark), Marbodal (Sweden), Sigdal (Norway), EWE (Austria), plus, they also have a retail-network in the group – Magnet (UK).
2. Nobilia (Germany) – one company.
3. Alno GroupAlno, Wellmann, Pino and Impuls (Germany).
4. Cuisine Schmidt (France) – including a retail-network.
5. Häcker (Germany) – one company.
6. Nolte (Germany) – one company.
7. Mobalpa (France) – including a retail-network.
8. Schüller (Germany) – one company.
9. Bauformat Group - Bauformat and Burger (Germany).
10. Snaidero Group - Snaidero (Italy), Rational (Germany and including retail-networks like Ixina and Cuisine-Plus.

Some intresting facts:

  •  The majority of the companies, in the above list, are from Germany and the Scandinavian countries.  In that part of Europe, the groups (or concerns) are very typical and have been around since before Columbus discovered America… (no joke!).
  • The only Italian company is in the tenth spot – unlike the northern Europeans, in the southern part of Europe, the opposite is more common – smaller companies, privately owned and operated. Even inside Italy, the more south you go, the smaller and more family owned and operated the companies are. With that said, there are a lot more Italian kitchen companies operating and selling kitchens, then there are German and Scandinavian combined…
  • If we only consider single factory sales, without retail sales and/or other companies in the Group, the largest one is Nobilia, from Germany, then  Häcker, Nolte and Schüller, from Germany.
  • This list is not guaranteed, as many companies do not publish their sales figures but is fairly close to reality. Also, the list can change in one day, if one of the groups decides to sell off a factory or two, or in return, to acquire a couple of brands.

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  1. Hi. Live in London and having a hard time choosing between Nolte and Schmidt. Similar design and finishes from both, but Nolte 10% more in cost. Are the qualities comparable? Am I comparing apples with apples. The Schmidt price group 1 wood effect wild oak had me fooled for the real thing.

  2. Marie Rose Al Kalache

    Dear Sirs, can anyone advise which company of the above list in Germany sells ballerina product for kitchens? Your help is highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!

  3. Hi. In terms of quality, in what order would you rank Eggersmann, Stormer, Haecker, schuller, schmidt, Alno, Beckermann and Rempp

    • Rob – in this order: Eggersmann, Haecker, schuller, Stormer, Schmidt, Alno, Beckermann and Rempp.

      • Dear kitchen guy could you kindly tell me which of these two kitchens is of better quality Leicht or Nolte and how much discount should I be looking to push for is 25% adequate. I am based in London

        • Ash – Leicht is better, but you need to insure you’re comparing apples and apples… Same door style, box, drawer, design, accessories, etc.
          It should be about 20% – 30% more, for the same thing.

      • Greg McGarry

        Hi Kitchenguy,

        Really informative site, well done!

        I note you rate Schuller above Stormer.

        Can you qualify that a little? Is it terms of quality, longevity, design, range or is it six of one, half dozen the other?

        If relevant, how should they compare pricewise comparing apples with apples?

        Thank you in advance for your help & advice,



  4. Hi
    Please can you help..we need to decide on 2 kitchens both handleless. One is by Stormer and the other by a local British company who make the cabinets and buy in the doors.
    The UK company cabinets are18mm MFC on adjustable legs with 18mm MFC back in base and wall units. They use Hettich arcitech soft close drawers which run on actrorunners with solid mfc anthracite base. They colour match then units with the doors. wall units are 720mm high and 300mm deep. Hettich senses hinges on doors.How do you think this sounds in comparison to the Stormer kitchen? They are working out at the same price and we need to decide asap?
    Many thanks

    • Tas – that’s an easy one – Stormer. If you had to choose between a VW car or one made by a local car dealer that was buying parts and them matching them, etc., etc… – what would you buy? Or how about buying a Sony TV, vs. getting one from a local guy, that buys the screen from Japan and then doe his own electronics, etc., etc… – should I continue…?
      Buy from a company that has a reputable product, service, warranty and not from a knock-off company.

  5. I am living the UAE, want kitchen cabinets for 3 kitchens, do you know if you have any show rooms in Abu Dhabi.??

    • Azaa – not sure who’s there at the moment… You’ll need to research it.

      • Hi Kitchenguy,
        Can you give me the names of the bigger kitchen companies in Norway & Finland? I’ve tried the internet but can’t seem to get any through my browser.


        • Ivan – there aren’t too many large companies in these countries. Look on the right cullumn (in blue) of the page, under OTHER EUROPEAN KITCHEN BRANDS – just scroll your mouse over the company and you’ll see the country they’re from.

          • Yeah, I found them. I was hoping there were a few others that weren’t mentioned here but thanks for the reply.

  6. Tom Price

    Can you advise me on the ranking quality wise between the folowing makes. Alno, Bauformat, Howdens, Magnet. The builder is suggesting Bauformat, I have not heard of them before.

    • Tom – these are all lower end brands (is a local, UK Joinery, not a kitchen brand). Alno will probably be my choice from this short list.

  7. katalog

    Great article.

  8. Hi

    I am comparing Nobilia vs poggenpohl, what differences should i expect, i am expecting my kitchen to have not just usual stuff but a fully loaded utilities embedded too. Following are my doubts:
    1) Durability (2) Post sales Service (3) Quality of stuff more suitable to North Indian temperatures (4) which one has better designs (5) Sustainability of these two companies in India


    • Vekir – here are the answers:
      1) They both should be about the same, as far as durability.
      2) That has to do with the local representatives in your area.
      3) Same as #1.
      4) Poggenpohl has newer, cutting edge designs, than Nobilia copies the more popular ones…
      5) Not sure exactly what you mean, but again, it looks like it has to do with the local representatives in your area.


  9. Hi,

    We were pricing out a kitchen at eggersmann largely because of we love their higher end finishes only to find ourselves stuck because of a lack of flexibility in their overhead cabinet design and what seems like a rather expensive price of $50,000 for 20 feet of lower cabinets and 12 feet of overhead cabinets. Can you tell me how Eggersmann compares price/quality wise to Pedini, Alno, and Paggenpohl?


    • Alan – you should be able to find the same type of finishes from Pedini, WITH the flexibility of design. Not sure if Poggenpohl can do it. Alno is not at the same level…

      • Thanks for the help…. Navigating cabinets makes buying a car seem easy…

        • Alan – I agree with you 100%! Once you choose a car brand a model – it is the same everywhere. With cabinets, you choose the brand, the model and than you still have to select the dealer to purchase it from and narrow down a design for your kitchen…
          That’s why I started this blog – to help navigate between all these choices and make the decision a bit easier.

  10. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed!
    Very useful info specifically the ultimate phase
    :) I take care of such information a lot.

    I used to be seeking this particular information for a long time.
    Thanks and good luck.

  11. Will Yates

    Where is best to buy kitchens direct I buy quite a few at a time may be 8 or 9 so want to cut out the middle man


  12. I am really loving the theme/design of your web site.
    Do you ever run into any browser compatibility
    issues? A number of my blog visitors have complained about my blog not working correctly in Explorer but looks
    great in Chrome. Do you have any ideas to help fix this problem?

  13. Confused

    Can you tell me which company is better from Nobilia, Siematic and Alno? I want a quality knthen that will last and look good. I have chosen these 3 based on what is available in the area I live. Thank you!

    • Confused – SieMatic, bay far…

      • Can you please inform, which make is better Nobilia or Alno?

        How much should be the price difference between the two for exactly same design & specs?

        How do their qualities differ?

        Your quick reply will be appreciated.


  14. Hi Kitchen guy

    My wife and I are looking at new kitchens we ve looked at alno and hacker. The price of the 2 kitchens is very similar. Which company would you say is better interms of quality and durability. What are the differences between the 2 companies?


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