The 10 largest European Kitchen Companies

The Nobia Group                            Häcker                                   Mobalpa, France   

Many of you have asked me for a ‘top 10 list’ of European kitchen companies. Being that in my mind ‘Top 10′ is not just about company size and/or sales volume (especially in today’s economy…) I’m still working on that list for you and sooner or later it will be posted.
In the mean time, with the help of a good friend (thank you, A.S.), I was able to come up with the list of the largest companies in the European kitchen brands for you.

Bauformat, Germany                      Nobilia, Germany                          Cuisine Schmidt
The difficult part about coming up with such a list is how do you measure size, or I should say – by what parameters. I see, some European companies are actually part of a Group – they own several kitchen brands/factories, not necessarily all in the same country (!). Some manufacture kitchens but also sell retail, through a chain of factory owned stored. They may produce less kitchens, then another company, but if you add their retail sales, to their wholesale figures and then add appliances (manufactured by appliance companies, counters and even labor, the comparison is simply not easy.

Nolte, Germany       Alno Group, Germany         Schüller, Germany           Snaidero Group, Italy  

So with the above in mind, the only way to create the list (without going nuts) is really just by total sales figures (Europeans like to use the term – ‘Turnover’). So here is the list:

1. Nobia Group (Sweden) – There are many companies in this group, like Poggenpohl and Pronorm (Germany), HTH (Denmark), Marbodal (Sweden), Sigdal (Norway), EWE (Austria), plus, they also have a retail-network in the group – Magnet (UK).
2. Nobilia (Germany) – one company.
3. Alno GroupAlno, Wellmann, Pino and Impuls (Germany).
4. Cuisine Schmidt (France) – including a retail-network.
5. Häcker (Germany) – one company.
6. Nolte (Germany) – one company.
7. Mobalpa (France) – including a retail-network.
8. Schüller (Germany) – one company.
9. Bauformat Group - Bauformat and Burger (Germany).
10. Snaidero Group - Snaidero (Italy), Rational (Germany and including retail-networks like Ixina and Cuisine-Plus.

Some intresting facts:

  •  The majority of the companies, in the above list, are from Germany and the Scandinavian countries.  In that part of Europe, the groups (or concerns) are very typical and have been around since before Columbus discovered America… (no joke!).
  • The only Italian company is in the tenth spot – unlike the northern Europeans, in the southern part of Europe, the opposite is more common – smaller companies, privately owned and operated. Even inside Italy, the more south you go, the smaller and more family owned and operated the companies are. With that said, there are a lot more Italian kitchen companies operating and selling kitchens, then there are German and Scandinavian combined…
  • If we only consider single factory sales, without retail sales and/or other companies in the Group, the largest one is Nobilia, from Germany, then  Häcker, Nolte and Schüller, from Germany.
  • This list is not guaranteed, as many companies do not publish their sales figures but is fairly close to reality. Also, the list can change in one day, if one of the groups decides to sell off a factory or two, or in return, to acquire a couple of brands.

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  1. Hi Kitchenguy,

    Could you please help us out with the following? We’re going to buy a kitchen, already been to a few shops. These are the brands we have to choose from: Kvik, Rotpunkt or Salvani. One of the guys who sells Salvani (the same ad Rotpunkt) tells me Kvik is inferior quality to Salvani. Is this true?

    Thanks in advance, Tim

  2. Hi kitchenguy,
    I am looking into buying a new kitchen, as I am totally remodelling my house. I live in Denmark, and there are several Danish Kitchen manufacturers, but I heard good things about the German Manufacturers, and wanted to explore that option.
    I am looking for a modern minimalist look with lots of built in functionality. I Leicht looks nice, but I think that is out of my budget range. Häcker and Störmer also have some nice designs.
    Budget wise, I am looking for something around £10-15K (all inclusive). The kitchen is about 10-15 square meters. Which brands would you recommend I look at?

    • Torsten – very hard to price kitchens based on this info – just visit the local dealers, see the product and get a free estimate.

  3. neil kelly

    hi kitchen guy
    stuck on what kitchen brand to buy liecht or schuller next 125 although designer is trying to push
    schuller c system
    thanks neil

  4. peter omamegbe

    Hi, I am building a 5 Bedroom house in Lagos, Nigeria, I require a very good kitchen manufacturer in Germany to make this dream a reality. Can you suggest a very good german kitchen maker for me.

  5. Hi. Interesting thread. I was just about to commit to a Schmidt kitchen but then heard another kitchen designer saying that in France, Schmidt are a budget range and ithe company is having a big marketing drive to get their product into the UK as a higher end kitchen at inflated prices. This doesn’t seem right to me, in the showroom the quality of the product seemed pretty good. Any thoughts?

    Also, they are a bit out of our price range. We have allowed £25k and told the designer before we started planning but it’s coming in at £34k all inclusive of: appliances, fitting and VAT. It’s a big kitchen 6m x 6m , handleless gloss doors, floor to ceiling units, stone work tops, huge island, mostly drawers etc, do it isn’t going to be cheap. They’ve offered to give us 2 free Neff ovens as a sweetener (RRP about £900 each) My husband and I are poor negotiators. Should we be able to get a percentage discount and if so how much? 5. 10, 20% ?

    Any advice much appreciated.

    • Cazlit – I’m sorry but there simply isno way that i can comment on any of this, without seeing plans, design optionss, etc. It will be wrong of me to do so.

  6. Hi Kitchenguy,

    We have been looking at a number of german kitchens however it can be confusing. We have tried to compare like for like. we are after High Gloss Lacquered door however its the edging and carcusses that confuse me

    We have looked at Nobilia, Hacker, Schuller and RWK.

    Is there a big difference between the 4 brands, does any stand out well above the others…i am aware that it can be down the owner preferences but any thoughts / opinions would be good.

    Many thanks

    • booty – they all offer more than one line, so it is really hard to compare, but if all else is equal, I’d go with Hacker or Schuller.

      • booty

        Many thanks for the reply kitchen guy –
        We were looking at the RWK – vida range, the Schuller Gala or Fino ranges and the Hacker systemat range. I have been able to see the RWK kitchens, however we don’t have any showroom for the other two near us.

        Are there any significant draw backs to the ranges?

        Many thanks

        • booty – all are good and more or less the same. Go with the one you feel more comfortable with, in terms of the shop, designer, etc.

  7. Mohamed Gahed

    I am pleasure to see your site. and l need. More information and how to take the agent to my cantr y ..l am interiors design.

    Thank, s.
    E.D.Mohamed. Gahed

  8. Which company has the best quality and value between Bauformat, Leicht and Rational. We are building a new home in California and need a good amount of cabinetry. If you feel it is warranted, rate the quality and value separately. Your reply will be appreciated.

  9. Hi Kitchenguy,

    Having said that Kitchen cabinet manufacturers in Germany and Scandanavian countries tend to be corporate large companies type while in Italy more of family owned smaller businesses.

    In your openion, how would you descripe the pros and cons of the “product” of corporates vs smaller family or so run business. Maybe also which would be more suitable for type of consumer.

    Thank you so much for the blog.

    • AA – that was taken out of context. Out of the Top 10 Largest, that was true. In general, there are all types of corporations, in all of these countries.

  10. Hi Kitchenguy

    We want a kitchen in Lacquer and Veneer finish.
    We have seen too many brands and are now getting confused.
    Could you please provide your expert opinion and help shortlist from the following brands:

    Veneto Cucine

    Eagerly awaiting your expert advise

    • Vips – Boffi, Hacker, Poggenpohl, Snaidero and then the other 3.

      • Kitchen Guy – Thank you for your prompt response.
        I looked up Nobilia after reading your post “10 largest European kitchen companies”. However they do not provide Veneer, but offer some good alternative materials that give similar look and feel.
        How would you rate Nobillia against Hacker?

  11. Hi Kitchenguy
    Could you please also advise if Goldreif by Poggenpohl can be compared with Hacker and Snaidero

  12. Hi
    I am looking at buying a kitchen
    Can you advise me on best value for money

    Want entry level, decent quality,
    Possible known or established brand

    What would be your 5 choices

    • Laheriay – where are you located?

      • Hi,
        I am between a lacquered kitchen from poggenpohl or hacker. Poggenpohl is about 30% more expensive. Is their product much superior or more or less the same as haecker’s?

        • Effie – both are very good quality. Poggenpohl has a bigger name, but if you are comparing the same design, there is little to no difference.

  13. How would you rate stormer kitchen?

  14. How do you rate the Danish Multiform kitchens against Hacker/phoggenphol

  15. I am from India owning a small kitchen manufacturing set up .
    I am in the look out for Luxury Kitchen maker from Europe who can join with me as a JV partner or give agency to supply to high end apartment / villas in Bangalore India

  16. bill blass

    Thoughts on Keller kitchens -a Dutch company. We like their options . They appear to be good quality, but can’t tell if their pricing is good about twice Ikea price.

  17. Hi kitchenguy,

    I am looking at buying a kitchen
    How do you rate Nobilia and Bauformat?

  18. Elena Guerra

    Hi, I would like to know your opinion about Modulnova and Homecucine. Are they good quality, and what do you think about them….thankyou

  19. Elena Guerra

    And is Modulnova a good quality kitchen???
    How does it compare to Valcucine??

    Thank you so much for your help!!! I live in Mexico but I´m moving to Switzerland and I´m building my home a bit long distance and I really don´t know much about European brands.

  20. kitchensearch

    hi kitchenguy, we are based in dubai and considering a kitchen with either Haecker Basic or Schuller C series. We have gone through with the basic designs with (G shaped, 12sqm) with Siemens appliances. Handleless designs. Matt finish
    We are being quoted $41k at Schuller (basic cabinetry, with appliances, quartz countertops and foster faucets etc) and c.$47k with Haecker basic. From some online pricing calculators ( etc), we see 30-40% lower quotes. (there is no VAT in Dubai)
    Without the detailed designs, does the pricing sound ballpark fair or way off?
    Also, we have a Siematic showroom here. How would you rate them vs Haecker, Schuller and how much higher/lower would they be on pricing like to like?

  21. Hi KitchenGuy
    we were searching for months and we are now puzzled between Hacker and nolte the price is the same
    what is your recommendation between the two Brands

  22. which is the best german brand kitchen available in india. what is your opinion on SEA BAUFORMAT?

  23. What about Nolte kitchens vs Nobilia or Hacker?

  24. nolte, hacker, bauformat which is the best?

  25. I am based at india. Looking for a kitchen for my villa. kindly advice me to select from the options available. sieMatic, Bulthaup,Hacker, Valcucine.

    • Tomy – all 4 are great product. It really depends on the design you’re looking for. They each have a very unique look. SieMatic and Haecker are more ‘streamlined’; Bulthaup and Valcucine are more ‘cutting edge’.

  26. What’s your view on Schrder.Where do they fall in pecking order say compared to hacker or Mobalpa. How would you rate Mobalpa in UK?

  27. Dear Kitchenguy

    I’m from Bahrain ,kindly sort the these German Kitchen from the best to lest best in term of quality and maintains schuller ,nolte,hacker ,Bauformat & Burger .

  28. kitchenfinder

    kitchen guy,

    pls can u tell me what are the top 10 european/german base modular kitchen brands to consider in india.

  29. Alan Shannon

    Hi there, my name is Alan and am a student I am currently doing a thesis on kitchen manufacturing and looking for any info on how big the kitchen industry is in Europe and Ireland cannot find any valid info anywhere if any one could please help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Bharat Pathak

    Your knowledge is extremely good. Just wanted to know the difference between Hettich and Blum drawer system .


    • Bharat Pathak – Blum, Hettich, Grass and so is Salice – are all good and all high quality. The difference is in the branding and marketing. Blum seems to be leading the pack – they are investing more in R&D and more consumers prefer their product.

  31. moneypenny

    Purchasing in the UK> Comparing Haecker Systemat, Rational (lower end) and Rotpunkt mid range All gloss. It is so hard to compare just seeing them in the showroom. Which is better quality?

  32. Hi,
    I am in the middle of a search for a new kitchen and until now the two best offers were from wellmann and burger. What is your opinion for these two manufacturers? Is one of the two better in terms of quality? Do you have to propose anyone else?
    Thanks a lot :)

    • Kostas – they are very similar and both are you basic product – good price, but not much more…

  33. Hi, Buying in UK. Am currently looking at Kutchenhaus (Nobilia) & Mobalpa – going for high gloss with Corian worktops. Cant really decide if there is a big difference in quality between these two. Haven’t received formal quotes yet but it looks like Mobalpa will be more expensive. Any advice ?

  34. asu1033

    hi kitchen guy,
    I need your support, which one has better quality than another: Nobilia Chalet model (Price group 9), or Bauformat New York model (Price group 4)??

  35. Mobalpa or nobilia?

  36. what do you think about arrex kitchens .and how do you compare it with arredo 3 and Nobilia


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