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Pedini - Integra

Pedini - integra in grey oak.

This blog was created in order to put together as much information as possible about European kitchen design, European kitchen companies and the different kitchen brands that have been manufacturing custom kitchens and built in kitchens, in Europe for more then a century.

European kitchen designers are the first ones to introduce what we know today as the ‘built in kitchen’ – kitchens that are no longer ‘free-standing’ pieces of furniture (as they were 100 years ago) but kitchens that are designed to have the cabinetry fitting between two walls.

Companies like Snaidero, Boffi, Pedini, Dada, Varenna and Val Cucine, from Italy, Poggenpohl, SieMatic, Allmilmo and Bulthaup , from Germany and Smallbone and Clive Christian, from England are the pioneers, the innovators and the companies that set the tone in Europe – the same tone that then becomes the new look for kitchen design around the world.



  1. Joe Smith

    Where is this factory in Italy in the link listed below and who in actuality owns it?



    • Joe Smith – Spectrum is a NY based kitchen dealer, specializing in sales to builders. Stevali is their own private label brand (they made it up – it doesn’t exist…). In Italy, they usually purchase cabinets from a very large Italian company called Friul Intagli, who is a large supplier of cabinet parts (doors, panels, etc.) and cabinets (supplies also to IKEA). They also sell Chinese cabinets and other products. See the same pictures on both web sites… :)

  2. Joe Smith

    Thank you.

  3. Joe Smith

    Why does Friul Intagli allow them to say they own the factory? And to market their images as there own on their website?

    • Joe – you’ll have to ask friul that question… My guess is that a) Since they don’t really sell products under their name, but rather through other brands, such as IKEA, Spectrum, etc. – they don’t really care and; b) Spectrum is a large customer and so they let them get away with it.
      Are you a customer of Spectrum?

  4. Joe Smith

    I am a competitor.
    A local NY Metropolitan area OEM that has to deal with Spectrum’s prevarications everyday.
    Including that they own a factory in Italy.
    That is what the tell everyone.

    • Joe – That’s funny… If they owned Friul Itagli, they will not need to sell kitchens in NY, would they… :) Now you can show your clients the factory pictures and expose their bluff… What type of European product do you sell against them?

  5. Joe Smith

    We mfg wood veneer, textured laminate and thermofoil kitchens and bathroom cabinets and mirrored medicine cabinets. We can produce a lot of the European styles.

  6. Mariel

    Hi kitchen guy
    I’m from Australia . I’m looking into installing a kitchen from Scosi cucini ( Monte Carlo model )
    I was told it was wood however upon further investigation I note they use wood chip particle board in the shell and shelves .and pine doors . Is wood chip standard ? What are your thoughts on this company

  7. Hi kitchenguy! Would you happen to know what are the better “value” players in the modern / european-style cabinet market? We are currently looking at Scavolini, Cesar and Leicht, and are trying to find options that offer a better value, without having to drop to a Kitchenmaid or something like that. Any suggestions?

  8. Hi Kitchen Guy,
    Scavolini is not on your top 20 list. What about it is bad? What about Pogenpuhl (which is more expensive) makes the list? Interested in high gloss lacquer for a kitchen. How long should a cabinet warranty be? Thank you.

    • Jo – Scavolini is a ‘price driven’ product – not a quality brand… – that’s why…
      5 year.

  9. Hi Kitchen Guy
    I’m looking to install a mid-range kitchen. I live in Germany. Do you have an opinion on whether Alno or Haecker is better? Would be grateful for your thoughts. Many thanks

  10. Hi,
    So thankful that I found your blog. I am from Sydney, Australia
    Was looking at the kitchens poliform and stosa, I noticed you ranked poliform higher, would you please explain why? Currently stosa has a promotion 30%off and price is much more attractive than poliform and I like the curved doors of Bring style (non glossy finish), I am not sure if Poliform makes the same.

    I would appreciate your opinion, how big is the difference between these companies’ products, their quality?

    Thank you for your time:)

    • Lilia – big enought to warrant the price difference…

      • Sorry, you mean poliform is much better in terms of quality so even with price discount for stosa, poliform is better choise?

        • Lilia – first, it is Varenna – the kitchen company Varenna owns. Second, quality has nothing to do with price. If you feel that Stosa is cheaper enough, that it is a better value and you prefer them – that is your decision and it may be the right one. I can’t judge that from here, w/o any information…

          • Thank you very much for the reply. Sorry again, based on what criteria you think Varenna kitchen is ranking above Stosa in general?
            I am looking at Bring style from Stosa and minimal from Varenna, I see they are using the sale bronze mirror


          • Lilia – Varenna is just a better product, in every criteria…
            Where are you located? Could be other solutions…

  11. I am in Sydney, Australia

  12. Hi, I live in Sydney, Australia

  13. Stephanie

    Hello Kitchenguy,

    We live in London. We have a budget of £40/45k. How would you rate Rational, Poggenpohl and Cesar in terms of quality, durability and value?
    We love the look and the feel of real wood. We want a contemporary kitchen with a mixture of some units in white lacquer and others in wood veneer. We are told that wood veneer is more expensive than lacquer and laminate but is it sturdy or is it more more delicate than wood laminate for instance? I’m worried we could spend a lot of money for something that could get easily scratched and is not easy to clean. Is there any other brand we should check? Thank you.

    • Stephanie – all 3 are good, but if I had to pick one, I’d go with Popggenpohl. Wood veneer is not necassarily more durable, so that should not be the determining factor. It is also just as hard to clean, if not harder, than laminate or lacquer. In London, you have many choices – look at My Personal Top 20, for ideas.

  14. Hi again,
    Taste living sells Hacker kitchen, I was shocked with their show room, the kitchens displayed, particularly the ones they suggest, which is classic 2013 with satin lacquered doors, are dirty and look cheap and just terrible.
    They gave me a quote for this kitchen and price is compatible with Stosa kitchen price (which is sold via Eurolife pty ltd in Sydney) but the Stosa kitchen for this price is a bit more interesting, with glass cupboard doors, and curved side cupboards.
    Hacker systemat range is of course better than Stosa, so I would appreciate your view on all this, because it would like to compare similar products. I was given a quote for satin lacquered doors kitchen, white colour, was told that it’s classic range with category 4, and there are about 7 or 8 categories in this range. And systemat hacker, is much more expensive, as I understand most people don’t go for it as it’s too expensive. And I have small kitchen in the apartment.

    I will be looking also at Varenna pol inform, however, when compare all these companies, I would like to compare as I said before similar products, I.e. ‘Apples with apples and not apples with oranges’

    What do you think? Thank you for your time.

    • Lilia – these are just too many questions and i must do a research, to answer them correctly. It is clear however, that you like Varenna (Poliform) – so go with it!

    • Paul Whiers

      Hi Lilia

      Have a look at the new Hacker Classic LASER soft door silky smooth finish in 5 colours and only in a price group 1, this is one of the best doors I have ever seen. (no curved doors in this range yet)

      Hacker dealer in UK

  15. I looked at Varenna poliform, and I am not sure if I am mistaken, but I thought that the doors and generally Alea kitchen compared to Stosa curved kitchen (bring, blanco onda and Grigio lava door range and glass door – Stopsol) and hacker kitchen classic, poliform is much better.
    I was told that Varenna poliform doors made out of real wood, whereas in hacker classic is not. Is that true?
    Stosa and poliform using exactly the same bronze glass doors for the cupboards. Poliform just look a bit more refined.
    The price difference between the above two, is $16K. Poliform is obviously more, what do you think, I would really appreciate your view.

    • Lilia – these are just too many questions and i must do a research, to answer them correctly. It is clear however, that you like Varenna (Poliform) – so go with it!

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