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Pedini - Integra

Pedini - integra in grey oak.

This blog was created in order to put together as much information as possible about European kitchen design, European kitchen companies and the different kitchen brands that have been manufacturing custom kitchens and built in kitchens, in Europe for more then a century.

European kitchen designers are the first ones to introduce what we know today as the ‘built in kitchen’ – kitchens that are no longer ‘free-standing’ pieces of furniture (as they were 100 years ago) but kitchens that are designed to have the cabinetry fitting between two walls.

Companies like Snaidero, Boffi, Pedini, Dada, Varenna and Val Cucine, from Italy, Poggenpohl, SieMatic, Allmilmo and Bulthaup , from Germany and Smallbone and Clive Christian, from England are the pioneers, the innovators and the companies that set the tone in Europe – the same tone that then becomes the new look for kitchen design around the world.



  1. A. Rahimi

    Hi Kitchen Guy,
    Its me again;
    if you had one choice; What would it be?
    Poggenpohl, Scavolini, Boffi, or Pedini? and why?

    My friend is asking… She’s interested in all but is trouble choosing.

    • A. Rahimi – Scavolini is not in the same league as the others, so if quality is importent, take them out. Now, please tell me what she’s after (looks, quality, design) and where is the project.

      • A. Rahimi

        Hi Kitchen guy,

        Its for her new house.

        Shes after all of the above.. Looks Quality and Design.


        • A. Rahimi – you still didn’t tell me where the project is… – secret…? :-)
          Have her look at all 3 and see which product she likes and which designer/firm, she’s more comfortable.

  2. maria

    Hi Kitchen Guy,
    I would appreciate your feedback on a Zampieri cuisine in black matte lacquer for a new house.

    • maria – what kind of feedback are you looking for…?

      • maria

        Hi Kitchenguy – whether the brand itself is a good quality choice.

        • maria – it is a smaller company, that does a more custom type product. Somewhat of an artisan. They produce specialty designs and products. Is that what you’re looking for?

  3. Fantastic website, thank you!

    I have a tough one for you, since it partially concerns scandinavian brands that you are most likely not that familiar with, especially since most are small Finnish companies that offer only tailor made options.

    I´m considering the following options, and would really appreciate your view / ranking based on their quality, since I have zero knowledge regarding kitchens.

    Options are listed in tiers based on very preliminary quotes or assumptions.

    Price tier 1:
    - Snaidero (Look or Way in Elm) http://www.snaidero.com/modern-kitchens/look
    - Binova (Bluna in Stratos) http://www.binova.it/en/bluna/
    - DelTongo (Creta) http://www.gruppodeltongo.com/creta/
    - Kvänum (Intro in Elm) http://www.kvanum.com/produkter/innovation/intro-ramel-brahe-alm/
    - Saari (Silta) http://www.pinjasto.fi/en/products/kitchens/

    Price tier 2:
    - Avance (tailor made in Elm) http://www.avanceteam.com/referenssit
    - Avestia (tailor made in Elm) http://www.avestia.fi/keittiot

    Price tier 3:
    - Aran Cucine (Volare in Oak) http://www.arancucine.it/prodotto/cucine/volare/
    - Opdeco (tailor made in Elm) http://opdeco.fi/portfolio/keittio-6/

    • juho – I don’t know much about these local brands. If you you’re looking for back links – you won (they are now posted), otherwise, not sure what to tell you…

  4. Hi Kitchenguy and thank you for your enlightening website. I am undecided on whether to go for a Bulthaup kitchen (quite expensive), or Warendorf (also expensive). They both have similar aesthetics, but I just get the feel Bulthaup is a far superior product. Am I right/wrong? You don’t have much info on Warendorf on your website. Not even a link! Which should I go for? Thank you in advance, Kate

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