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Pedini - Integra

Pedini - integra in grey oak.

This blog was created in order to put together as much information as possible about European kitchen design, European kitchen companies and the different kitchen brands that have been manufacturing custom kitchens and built in kitchens, in Europe for more then a century.

European kitchen designers are the first ones to introduce what we know today as the ‘built in kitchen’ – kitchens that are no longer ‘free-standing’ pieces of furniture (as they were 100 years ago) but kitchens that are designed to have the cabinetry fitting between two walls.

Companies like Snaidero, Boffi, Pedini, Dada, Varenna and Val Cucine, from Italy, Poggenpohl, SieMatic, Allmilmo and Bulthaup , from Germany and Smallbone and Clive Christian, from England are the pioneers, the innovators and the companies that set the tone in Europe – the same tone that then becomes the new look for kitchen design around the world.



  1. catherine

    i am living in ireland but am trying to keep costs down and am thinking of importing a kitchen . spain i was told was cheaper. in ireland we end up paying a large amount on vat. all i want to know if you can help me is to get the name of a company on main land europe that i could use and trust please .

    thanks mary

    • catherine – I don’t recommand you do that. You’ll pay more than a dealer does, more for shipping (shipping one kitchen) and you’ll be on your own, to install, service, etc. I think at the end of the day, you save little and risk a lot…! If you’re looking to save money, either go with a local Irish company or use a less expensive model, from a large, reputable comapny, that has presence in your area.

    • Can’t quite decide between 2 german companies. Either haecker Classic range with laser door or rational. The haecker door looks good but the internal fittings on the classic range look a little cheap. Rational claim superiority in terms of 19mm carcasses and 22mm doors. Rational have also now got the new Blum slim drawer system whilst haecker seem to use Grass. I have no idea which is best. Like haecker door and rationale internals. Any thoughts ???

      • Damian – Haecker is the better one.

        • Hi Kitchenguy, I’m trying to decide between a Hacker, Leicht or Schuller kitchen. I’ve been impressed by the designers of the first two more than the latter. The Hacker quote uses Matt lacquer fronts, which was my preference; the Leicht uses laser cut laminate fronts. I have 5 and 6 year old children (heard that laminate is more durable but mine are out of the toddler stage now). Any thoughts you have would be much appreciated!

          • Tanji – laminate is a bit more durable, in terms of scratches, but you can’t compare the look, especially, since you seem to like it better to begin with…
            Go with your heart!

  2. We are renovating our home down to the studs and the kitchen will be the centerpiece of our great room. We live in NY and are committed to a european look and like the european companies. I am hesitant to deal with a company for which there is no local showroom. So Haecker is out as they said they are no longer in NY. We got a price from Alno and are waiting on Leicht’s quote. Can you recommend others in that price bract to look at? Thx.

  3. We are renovating our house in London. We are deciding between SieMatic S2, Snaidero Orange and Hacker Classic. For similar specs the quotes seem to be comparable. How would you rank these in terms of quality and durability or what would be your choice?
    Many thanks,

    • Jan – SieMatic, Haecker and Snaidero are all good – my personal choice would be one of the first two, based on the designer/dealership.

      • Hi kitchenguy,

        many thanks for your advice. Your blog is extremely helpful. There is no other site where one can find so much useful info. At the end we went for Snaidero Orange simply based on the dealership responsivness and also price competitivness grounds. I was a bit suprised during the process to see the quotations for entry-level German kitchens of medium-size at par with SieMatic S2 in terms of price. £30k for Goldreif, Bauformat and similar seemed a bit high. Great thanks again, Jan

  4. Hi kitchenguy – A zampieri dealer in California told me there is no warranty. Really? I am deciding between scavolini and zampieri. At least scavolini has 3 years.

    • Grace – “no warranty”…? In some states (maybe all of them) it is illegal, to sell product w/o a warranty… Is this a real business selling it, or some guy, from his home…? There are better companies than Scavolini, that offer at least 5 years, if not more…Where in CA are you?

      • I am in San Francisco bay area. He has a shop in Millbrae and another one in Menlo Park. Zampieri and Scavolini are in the same price range. Both quoted me about $27k + tax. What better companies do you recommend? Pedini has 2+5 years warranty but I think it costs a lot more. How is IKEA able to offer 25 yrs while all these more expensive companies only offer 3-7 years?

        • Grace – you asked about better companies and you mention Pedini – that IS a better company. I don’t think they are much higher in price, especially if you compare ‘apples and apples’. Also, if you get better quality (and you do) and much better warranty (which it is), isn’t worth a little more money…?
          IKEA is not as terrible a product, as some people make it out to be. The reasons it is cheap, are that it is extremely limited, in terms of design options, sizes, color choices, etc. So you’re left with a very basic design. Also, you have to assemble it yourself (it is flat-pack) and here is where the 25 warranty comes into play – their warranty reads: “Follow our assembly instructions, installation instructions and care instructions carefully. This limited warranty does not apply to products that have been stored, assembled or installed incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, or cleaned with wrong cleaning methods or wrong cleaning products.” If you have a warranty claim and are able to pass each and every one of these stipulations, they’ll give you a replacement…

          • Where (what country) are IKEA cabinets manufactured?

          • ppekka – some components are made in Italy, others are made in the far east and other countries.

  5. Hello kitchen-guy, I’m renovating small open kitchen. Is there a quality
    difference between the high end kitchens – specifically SieMatic vs Poggenpohl?
    I’ve not gotten specific prices yet but gave heard SieMatic is generally cheaper
    Than Poggenpohl but don’t want to compromise quality (especially as kitchen is small
    but opens into living/dining area so is fully visible and percentage difference in price
    Won’t translate into as large absolute cost differbce) …thanks!

  6. I am deciding on a kitchen with our new house purchase. I went to the Hacker showroom today and they said for a very basic kitchen with the size i require, furniture is in the price range of 12-14k (without a trade discount). The look i am going for is very simple but advertised as part of bulthaup by Kitchen Architecture listed on houzz. I know bulthaup will charge much more for these units. This look given the colours can also be achieved using PWS matt laminate lacquared doors at half the price of Hacker. Hacker has great design features but at a much much higher price than 12-14k if i want to integrate any of these features. So for 12-14k i am getting a very basic kitchen with drawers. who would you go with if you could achieve the same look at half the price?

  7. Shakuntala chockalingam

    Hi kitchen guy
    Sorry to bother you again. I met with the pedini dealer and started planning the kitchen, I discovered pedini has many lines. Is there a difference in quality for the different lines? The price he is quoting is for the Eco line which I noticed from the Pedini site it is at the bottom, leitch’s mid range price seem to be comparable with pedini Eco line. I found leitch’s drawers better looking better constructed than pedini. The Eco line has a black front and side with a rod above while leitch’s has a wide glass front. Leitch’s has the same interior for all levels. The difference is in the finish of doors while for pedini there is differende even in the interior material and construction. I am anxious to hear your views and your opinion on the Eco line.thank you

    • Shakuntala chockalingam – sorry for the delayed response, as you can imagine, this is not my daily job… :) If you like the Leicht mid line and it is priced the same as the Eko – go for it.

      • Shakuntala chockalingam

        Thank you. I have decided to godwits Pedini Ecko line, as you once mentioned it had more flexibility to my requirements compared to Leitch. The design is in process. Your opinion on Ecko line will still be appreciated.

  8. Michael

    Hi there
    we are considering buying a Boffi display kitchen and have mostly figured out how to incorporate it into our space. We are likely to need a couple of extra base units and maybe an end piece – is it possible to order these direct from Boffi or do we need to go through a Boffi dealer?
    Many thanks

  9. Good day,
    I have never heard about Häcker before, but after finding your blog I searched and found a shop in Croatia. It seems that Häcker is cheaper than Doimo in Croatia, even you say that it is much better brand (Comparing Doimo Style with Häcker Systemat Art GL 6000). Is it normal?
    Furthermore, it seems that you are missing two makers of kitchens: Dan Kuechen, and Gorenje from Slovenia.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Miho – that is normal. The resllers can mark up as much as they want…
      Dan Kuechen, and Gorenje are small local companies – we only list ones with a minimum size and distribution.

  10. How would you rate modulnova? Have been told they are cheaper, but just as good as, bulthaup, poggenpohl, etc. Would you agree?

    • S – Modulnova is very nice – in par with Poggenpohl (and should be about the same price). Bulthaup is better and should be more expensive.

  11. Graham Kendall

    Hi Kitchen Guy, really helpful blog.

    I’m choosing between Hacker Classic, Schuler NX501, and Schroder. Same layout and appliances. Looks are very similar and so far they are all priced very close to £26k with various January offers with perhaps more extras included in the Hacker quote. I’m interested to know whether there is much of a quality difference? I’ve seen some older comments on these brands in the blog but wonder how the newer ranges compare? The Schroder dealer seems good and I do like the design but I can’t find a single review of their kitchens in the UK. I’m buying in the next week so would be great if you could reply soon! Also do you have an opinion on the Jetstone ceramic worktops which are an option with Schuler? I’m based in South West London if you know a particularly good/competitive company I should speak with? Thanks.

    • Graham Kendall – all 3 are more or less at the same product category. I’d go with haecker, from these 3 but would recommand you go with womever you feel more comfortable.
      I’m not familier with Jetstone, but if it similar to other ceramic tops – I like it.

  12. Graham Kendall

    Thank you, very helpful!

  13. Hello Kitchenguy, I need your help and advise on which good german kitchens to look at and one other Italian kitchen and order of quality and price comparison. Looking at Siematic, Rotpunkt and Hacker and open to looking at other similar recommended brands and if you can give suppliers in the north west london area. It will be a large open plan kitchen with units on one wall with an Island with a breakfast bar. Would appreciate you help in deciding on which type of doors and cost differences between ie. laminate, veneer, acrylic, glass, high gloss, matt etc. and which you would recommend. I live in north west london and if you know of a good company to go with. thank you in advance

    • Jay – a toll order to fill… :)
      Here is what I can give you w/o getting into too big of a project:
      Siematic and Haecker are similar in quality. SieMatic will be more expensive.
      Rotpunkt will be priced similar to haecker’s lower end, but a little lower in quality than Haecker.
      As far as Italian lines are concerned – look at Varrena, Pedini, Snaidero.

  14. I have SCIC cabinets in my kitchen and would like to know if the doors can be replaced or painted. Also do you know where SCIC kitchen cabinets are sold in the new York city area? thank you.

    • geri – replacing doors on a kitchen, is like replacing the body, on a car – it cost amost the same as a new kitchen, but all the insides, hardware, lighting, etc. are still from the old kitchen…
      I’m not aware of a SCIC dealer in the NY area.

  15. Hi kitchenguy, I’m grateful for your blog. Thanks.
    I reside in Atlanta, GA and had initial meetings already with Siematic and CSI which carries Leicht. I am also meeting with Pedini and Poggenpohl. In terms of price for quality (best quality for good price), how would you rank these 4 companies. What disqualified Leicht from your Top 20 list?

    • Roni – out of these 4, the best quality to price ratio is Pedini, in my opinion.
      As far as Leicht – all 4 are good, but look at the designs and innovation of the other 3 – they are just unimaginative, in my opinion…

  16. Leicht is weak on designs and innovation but would you know if it ‘cuts corners’?
    Pedini being first for good value for the price, which comes second amongst the 4 brands I mentioned?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Roni – I didn’t say that Leicht is “…weak on designs and innovation…” – you asked me “What disqualified Leicht from your Top 20 list?” This is in comperison to the Top 20 in the world!
      After Pedini, for quality-to-price-ratio will be will be Poggenpohl.

  17. Hello, could you please help me with a kitchen. Which manufacter is more reliable and better, scavolini, stosa, alno or arredo3?

    • Kostas – “reliable and better” has a lot to do with the local dealer, as well as the manufacturer. Of all else being equal, I’d say : Alno, Scavolini, Stosa & Arredo3 (tied).

      • Dear kitchen guy,

        We are doing an extension and are going to put a new kitchen. I have two questions regarding that . If you could please answere those it would be huge help .

        1) which kitchen cupboard finish is most durable and still looks good even after 5 years or more?

        2)how does pyram compare to schuller, haecker and pro norm?

        • Iram –
          1) If you purchase a quality product, all finishes will look good 5, or 10 years down the road. However, if you are planning on having a very heavy use, lots of cooking, etc. – I suggest something smooth, without grain, that is easy to wipe off. The most durable finish, believe it or not, is glass – it is the easiest one to clean, doesn’t scratch easily, doesn’t fade, etc. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come cheap…
          2) Pyram is at the level of Pronorm, more or less. Schueller and Haecker are better.

  18. Anne Williamson

    Dear Kitchenguy,

    I am considering replacing my kitchen, I would like your opinion on wether I should go for a German company I.e. Beckermann or Italian Company like Arredo 3. I have looked at both, however the Italian company appears to have an excellent range at third of the cost to German? Have you ever heard of Arredo 3 and if their service is good?

    I appreciate your reply AW

    • Anne Williamson – Beckermann is a much better product than Arredo 3. No wonder it is that much more expensive., though X3 times is too much… Don’t Beckermann have a lower priced line? Most companies today offer an entry level product, that is more limited (in terms of options), at a lower price point.

      • Dear kitchen guy ,

        Thank you very much for your help. We have almost decided to go for schuller and have a competitive quote from a local company. Your opinion did help us in our decision making and is much appreciated .Thanks once again


      • Hello: I am trying to choose between a Dica spain kitchen and a Scavolini… I have no idea how comparable they are in quality …are you familiar with DICA?

  19. Please advise, for white high gloss kitchen with integratef U handles, which brand to choose, Arredo 3, Astra or Arclinea. Arclinea Convivium cost is $35,000 and the Arredo 3 and Astra quote is $20,000. Is it worth to pay so much more for Arclinea?

    • Ewa – that’s a tough call, but because of the BIG price difference I would probably go with Astra.

      • Thank you so much for your kind response. Astra describes their lacquers as :
        “the lacquer finish is polyester based or the gloss acrylic lacquer.”
        Is it durable, not yellowing, scratch resistance surface?

        • Ewa – both are high gloss finishes and both should not yellow. As far as scratch resistence – the only finish I can think of, that is, will be glass and it is more expensive.

      • Hello Mr. Kitchen Guy,

        In LA several kitchen’s designer store are selling Miton products. In my selection of kitchen cabinets I am down to two products, Miton or Astra. Please advise what product should I choose:
        Miton, model MT723 in white gloss laqured with integrated handles (www.miton.it). OR
        Astra, model LINE, no English catalog online.

        I saw Miton in showroom and never saw Astra.

        Thank you so much,


  20. Superb, what a blog it is! This web site presents helpful data to us, keep it up.

  21. Hi Kitchen Guy!

    Awesome blog! I am from Singapore, and I am looking to buy an European kitchen. Imported brands are usually marked-up by the time they hit this side of the world. Can I ask, between: Poggenpohl, Haecker,Siematic, Snaidero, Stromer, and Valcucine veronna, which is better value for money. Also do you know how European brands fare in hot and humid weather where mould and mildew may be a problem? Thanks

    • Jeffrey – hard top compare so many products and I really don’t know hw they mark it uo, in Singapore. They are all good products and as far as I know, should all be oky with hot and humid weather.

  22. we are looking at Schuller next 125 range of kitchens in glass finish or high gloss lacquer. Also comparing with Hacker in similar finishes. Please advise if the finishes are same quality for both companies and which company has better product value.

  23. Hi,

    How do you compare Alma Kitchen with Express by Nolte.
    Which one is better?


  24. Hi – love your blog. So helpful! Wondering what you think about using a laminate for cabinets in the pantry (to save $$). We live in a Victorian home, and the pantry is a separate room off of the kitchen — there is no door to the pantry, so it’s visible from the kitchen, and it houses a sink and extra cabinets.

  25. Hi, building a new home in Chicago and about to pull trigger on Poggenpohl +Segmento order within the next week. It looks like you prefer Pedini over Poggenpohl, what are the differentiators between +Segmento and Dune, both quality and costs? Thanks for your time!

    • Adam – Dune by Pedini is made better (better box construction, thicker door, etc.). As Far as cost is concerned, I’m not sure because there are various factors, including the dealer’s mark-up, the design, etc. If all is equal, it should be the same price, more or less.

      • I visited the Pedini dealer. They proposed the Magika line, how does this compare to Segmento from Poggenpohl? I am going with matte lacquered finish and the Pedini finish does not feel as thick as Poggenpohls. Poggen’s seems very thick and satiny. Do you feel there is a difference in their painted finishes? Thank You!

        • Adam – I think Pedini’s finish is superior. FYI – the same supplier Pedini uses, is also supplying B&B Italian, Boffi and alike.

      • dave pepper

        Hi Kitchen Guy,

        I ordered a Scavolini kitchen and the company who sells it (and also installs it) requested I pay 70% (cabinets +install fee) at time of ordering, and 30% when delivered to the site (before they install). Is this pretty standard terms for kitchen orders?


        • dave pepper- every country and sometimes every dealer, does things a bit different, but this doesn’t sound unusual.

  26. I would like to ask your opinion on whether Aran or Miton kitchen quality is comparable. Is one better then the other ? I live in Toronto.

    Thank you !

  27. Hi, great site. My wife is very green conscious and is looking at Haecker and Leicht kitchens because of Europe’s strong “green” regulations. I understand Haecker use MDF with lacquer finishes, while Leicht use Laminate finishes (on MDF?). Do you know if the MDF they useis rated “E1″ or is it completely free of formaldehyde in the resins? Are the Lacquer finishes and Laminate glues also completely free of formaldehyde? Do you know of any sites or do you have any material on the technical specifications of the materials these companies use? Thank you.

    • Dirk – you seem confused… They both use MDF with lacquer finishes AND Laminate finishes (on particle board).
      Both companies should be able to provide you with certificates, stating their ‘Green level’

  28. Hi Kitchen Guy,

    We are building a home and would like a kitchen that is durable, long-lasting and not cost too much. We are very confused about what differentiates certain european brands. We are in the Philippines and the brands available here are Siematic, Bulthaup, Leicht, Noblessa, Scavolini. How would you rank or describe them in terms of quality and cost?

  29. I’m glad that I found this site. Hoping this can help me.
    How do you compare:
    How are they compared by quality, design and price.

  30. Hi KitchenGuy: This is a great website! Thanks for your help in advance.

    My question relates to Europlak. I am in India and looking at various modular kitchen options and the choices are too many. How does Europlak fare in terms of quality? Apparently established in 1972 in Teramo, Italy and a spin-off of Piccioni.

    Hacker and Veneta Cucine seem substantially higher priced than Europlak. Are we really getting that much more bang for our buck?

    Sun Ray

    • sunray – Not sure what price difference you’re looking at, but Haecker is better than the other two.

  31. Hello kitchenguy. I am so happy that I found this blog, the information is really amazing! this is just what I was looking for.

    1) I know that you are not putting Alno in the highest bracket, but I am fine with it, as long as you say that it’s a fine product.
    How would you compare them with Leicht, both with their new high gloss laminate (supposedly it has a lacquer look/feel).
    How are they compared in quality ? Price should be about the same?

    Is Poggenpohl in the same range regarding quality and price?

    2) Should I rather go with a lesser known Italian company that offers real lacquer for the same price, but it’s not such a ‘brand’? (For the interior, Alno/Leicht includes glass on the drawers vs this company).

    For the layout/design I am not over excited with any of the dealers. All are pretty much the same.

    3) I love the European design and look. I’m just concerned about the durability. The kitchens I’m used to, are all American, locally built. The boxes are plywood and are very strong and durable. How is Alno/Leicht in this matter?
    The kitchen will be really used every day and it’s not only for design…

    Looking forward for your advice!

    • Jeff T – lots of questions… :)
      1) All 3 are good – if you can compare apples and apples, their price should about the same, with Poggenphol being probably a bit higher than the other 2.
      2) Why not?
      3) These are just as good as the American made, plywood box, etc. – after the kitchen is installed, with the stone top – where are these boxes going? They have no funcyion really… The doors drwaers are the moving parts and they are usually on the same type runners (even Americans, ALL use the European hardware).

      • Thank you very much for your reply. Arrital, Alno and Leicht. Price are about all the same with Alno having an edge and Leicht on top. Which one would you take first and second?

        About the boxes, true that they all use the same hardware, but isn’t it a difference when it’s installed in plywood vs MDF?

        • Jeff T – who uses plywood…?

          • Some local American shops.
            I was told that Castagna Italy also uses real plywood.

            What about my first question, which one would you recommend first and second choices between Arrital, Alno and Leicht..

          • Jeff T – ok, but you asked about European brands…
            All 3 are about the same. Arrital has more exciting designs and Leicht is a bit better than Alno’s quality.

  32. We are trying to decide between Alno, Hacker, and Beckermann on a combination gloss white and walnut doors. We like the wood veneer finish on the Alno and Beckermann better than the Hacker. But the salesman at Haker we were most comfortable with. Would you combine kitchen manufacturers to get exactly what you want or is that foolish? What about the quality between those brands? Thanks for your help!

    • Andrea – if you like the salesman better, my choice will be to go with him. The products are too similar to make a difference.

  33. Justin

    Kitchen Guy – awesome blog.
    A quick question – we are in the middle or designing and fitting our new kitchen. We have had a v v relibale Hacker Classic for 7 years but are considering a move ‘up’ to the Hacker Systemat. Apart from the finshes and other options is there any difference in cabinet quality, longevity and robustness or are they simply the same cabinets with different doors and fittings ?

  34. Hello Kitchenguy,
    I am building a house and we are at a stage to start looking for a kitchen supplier,we have visited Bulthaup, Siematic & boffi dealers and we request an offer from each one of them for the same layout, finish and options.
    Please advise what could be the other criteria in order to make a decision?? considering that budget is not an issue.

    • Gary Samaha – great question! Consider the designer and the dealer you’ll be buying from – their reputation and just the chemistry between you and them.
      Where in the world are you located?

      • Hello kitchenguy,,
        Firstly thank you for the reply.
        Actually I am in Lebanon and the kitchen is for our residence in Beirut.
        My friend, are we comparing apples to apples here? or shall we consider another brands as well.?

        Thanks in advance

  35. Dimitris

    Hi, which kitchen would you prefer, Nobilia or Arredo3??
    Very nice blog by the way!

  36. Hi — building a new home on the Massachusetts south coast and the kitchen will be in a very open space with a view of the harbor. We’ll have a large island 14 ft x 5 ft and a wall behind it for cabinets and prep, as well as a pantry area off the kitchen. We’re leaning toward Boffi, over Bulthaup, or having the builder build the cabinets. Any thoughts on what to consider other than price?

    • nancy – stick to the brands. No carpenter can achieve the quality and finishing level they have. No good builder will build cabinets – they know better…

  37. Hi, we are in the process of renovating our home. I’ve looked at both Hacker kitchens and the Italian make Cesar. I’ve fallen in love with the Cesar kitchen, it is more expensive than the Hacker range. I’ve heard great things about Hacker, but can’t seem to find any reviews about Cesar kitchens. Have you heard of them and would you recommend?



    • Simone – my choice will be Haecker. You can acheive the same look, for less money and with higher quality.

  38. Michelle

    Hi Kitchen Guy- i am in the beginning of my complete kitchen renovation project…. I;m considering Leicht who also carries Nobilia. Anything else in that range that you’d suggest that I check out. THinking more Leicht – but woud love 1 or 2 others in that range to consider. 1 bedroom – tiny NYC galley kitchen – thinking clean and modern. I live in NYC – suggestions appreciated – so many choices = I’m overwhelmed!

    • Michelle – good choices. Try also, Poggenpohl, Pedini and Varenna. All are available in NYC and are at the same level/price point.

  39. Hey Kitchen Guy,
    I love your blog. Thanks for all the info and help you provide. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on Copat vs Zecchinon? I am trying to figure out which one to go with and cant decide. Also is there a difference between Copat and Arrital? Any info or help you could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.

  40. Kitchen Guy: Just found the blog today and it has proen to be quite helpful. We are just starting the search for a new kitchen. Can you give (or point me somewhere) some gidance as to price points? Say, using your top 20 list? don’t mean to ask for a reasearch project but it sure would be helpful!
    Many thanks…

    • Don – It’s impossible… They all have many models, finishes, etc. plus they have different price policies in different countries…
      Where are you located and who have you looked at?

  41. We are in Boca Raton, FL. So far we have looked at Neff (we have a Neff up North), Eggersmann, Italcraft, Poggenpohl, Siematic and Alno. We are going with a very open look; kitchen blends into rest of the living area so will need a lot of cabinetry. Thanks for the response!

    • Don – Eggersmann, Poggenpohl & Siematic are at the top of your list. Eggersmann & Siematic will be more expensive than Poggenpohl. Alno doesn’t compare to the other 3. Neff is an expensive Canadaian line, that in my opinion is way overpriced and doesn’t really belong in this list (if you have one alreday – you know what I mean). Italcraft is a shop, not a brand, so I’m not sure what you saw…

  42. Hi Kitchen Guy

    Quality wise how would you rank Hacker Schuller and Meson’s ? We’ve narrowed it down to those 3 brands . I know Hacker and Schuller are broadly similar and you seem to have an inclination towards Hacker. We are looking at the Systemat and Next ranges

    Meson’s may be coming up a bit more expensive than the other two

    Many thanks in advance

  43. Your are correct; no shock there! We saw Cucine Lube at an Italcraft store. Any thoughts on Cucine Lube?
    Thanks – once again.

    • Don – Lube is a few levels below the others – don’t bother. If you want to look at Italian brands (which Lube is), stick with higher end products, that are similar to the other brands you’re looking at, such as Boffi, Pedini, Varenna, etc.

  44. Loren

    We live in California and are building a new house from the ground up. This is our second new house in what will be about 5 years. In the first house we have a Siematic kitchen and were generally happy with the designer and installation team, both of which are very important. For this home we wanted to mix it up, but want to stay with a German company. We are considering Bulthaup as a possibility. I did read where you mentioned that they are a smaller company than Siematic so their designs might be more unique as they do not have to appeal to as big a market. I am mostly interested in quality. Can you give me your opinion as to quality between Siematic, Bulthaup and any other German company that may rank higher on the quality measurement. Thank you!

    • Loren – no problem there! Bulthaup is juat as good quality as SieNatic, if not better. They are ‘a smaller company’, but are not ‘a small company’.

  45. Hi Kitchen guy, I have a very restricted choice available in my region: Pedini, Arrital or Alno are the only good ones available. How would you rank them in terms of quality and in terms of price?

    • Matt – in the order you had them: Pedini, Arrital & Alno.
      Where are you located?

      • Mauritius. Small island in the Indian Ocean. Not sure you have ever heard of it. We have Mobalpa and Schmidt as well. But I have the impression that Pedini and the others are much better quality.

  46. Hi, I am looking for a white matt kitchen and am considering 1) glass ‘in-line’ (Wellmann), aren’t the edges prone to chipping? 2) Hacker Laser Soft – is the classic range ok? or should I look at systemat 3) Schuller Matt biella – 4) Alno they have a satin matt laser edged door and I don’t know the name.
    what would you choose?! Options 1 and 4 would be sourced and fitted by a kitchen co, the other 2 I was considering a very good carpenter/kitchen fitter fitting.
    Very grateful for your thoughts!
    Thank you!

    • Anty – all good choices, but I think that factor that should help you make the decision are the people (fitters, designers, dealers) and not the products…

  47. Nadine

    Hello, I have a question about my problem. I have to decide between Scavolini (wood) and Hacker (glass) and it is difficult for me. Plese help me with an opinion…..I have to say Hacker is more expensive than Scavolini!Thanks!

  48. Hi Kitchenguy,

    I’m in Los Angeles building a new home and starting to look at the usual suspects around town; Bulthaup, Poggenpohl, Pedini, Snaidero, Poliform, Boffi, Eggersman and SieMatic.

    Are you familiar with the reputation of any of the local dealers? Also, any advice on stack ranking these from a quality and design perspective? I’m looking for a minimalist line, no-handles / touch-open design.

    Many thanks!

    PS. Have you thought about adding a user forum? Regional forms would be great to post feedback on brands and dealers.

    • SSH – all are great products and with all you’ll be able to achieve the look you’re after. Not familier with the local dealers, but one, that I stumbled upon online recently, twice is Pedini LA. Look at their work, at 1877 Rising Glen, and at The Manor (former Spelling Mansion), now owned by Billionaire heiress, Petra Ecclestone.
      They seem to be the one to go to!

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