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Pedini - Integra

Pedini - integra in grey oak.

This blog was created in order to put together as much information as possible about European kitchen design, European kitchen companies and the different kitchen brands that have been manufacturing custom kitchens and built in kitchens, in Europe for more then a century.

European kitchen designers are the first ones to introduce what we know today as the ‘built in kitchen’ – kitchens that are no longer ‘free-standing’ pieces of furniture (as they were 100 years ago) but kitchens that are designed to have the cabinetry fitting between two walls.

Companies like Snaidero, Boffi, Pedini, Dada, Varenna and Val Cucine, from Italy, Poggenpohl, SieMatic, Allmilmo and Bulthaup , from Germany and Smallbone and Clive Christian, from England are the pioneers, the innovators and the companies that set the tone in Europe – the same tone that then becomes the new look for kitchen design around the world.



  1. Hi, kitchenguy. What dou you think about these German kitechen makers: Ballerina and Impuls. Impuls is about 15% cheaper. Which to choose?

  2. hi kitchenguy

    living in Berlin and I am currently deciding between bulthaup b1 which is their cheaper product with Siemens/AEG appliances or going to Hacker for their highest range – all with top notch appliances like Miele/Gaggenau/Bora etc.

    Personally I like bulthaup design but I am wondering if Hacker wouldnt give me better quality/value in the end?

    thanks for advice

  3. Hi there
    I’m looking at Kuhlmann and Rotpunk brands for my kitchen in new build. I am in UK. Neither are cheap but not too expensive. Any thoughts on these brands they dont seem well known in UK. As an alternative Burbage has been suggested to me as a UK brand…never heard if it have you.

    I am looking for a handless door and a big Island.

    Would love Siematic but dont have 60k to spend.

  4. Hello great blog! I am located in the on Houston, Texas, US and I like the the design and quality of the Clive Christian or Mark Wilkinson. It is extremely pricy. I love the kitchen but I am trying to find a way to get it cheaper. Do you know of any European kitchen cabinets company that can produce similar styles and quality products at lower prices? If not are they any other companies you can recommend that give the same look without having to spend $150,000 plus for kitchen.

  5. Hi Kitchenguy,
    I have been shopping for a new kitchen for many months now, and have finally picked a design layout i like. Now I am trying to find the right dealer/brand at the right price. The most competitive prices were from Rational, Hacker, Leicht and Schuller. Could you please rank them in order of quality and longevity to help make my decision easier. BTW brilliant blog and very helpful info

  6. what is your opinion of matt glass fronted doors as opposed to matt lacquer doors to pairing with a wood finish?

    I am concerned about the glass doors scratching easily or the frame of the door not being strong enough with the glass front, and looking dated after a few years

    Would appreciate your advice.

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